E-commerce has become a need of every home and entrepreneurs are utilizing this need for the best. What are 2017 top e-commerce trends you should keep an eye on?

Today’s customers love shopping online! Research show that more than half US customers prefer doing their shopping online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores. And figures tend to increase pretty quick. With 70% of US adult declaring that they shop online at least once a month, the potential of growth for your e-commerce is big. Of course with more online customers going online, more entrepreneurs move towards the online solutions and the competition in the e-commerce has been the ever increasing aspect.

Total retail e-commerce sales should reach more than $23m worldwide, even if the growth rate is in fact slower than in the past. Which means e-commerce growth rate is not about to fade. In this context, it is now becoming extremely important to choose the right strategy and methods to rank better than your competitors.

top e-commerce trends

So what are the biggest e-commerce trends to look out for? Check out the full infographic by SSL2Buy:

#1.The end of special days discount

People constantly look for the better platforms to meet their demands and needs. It is now so easy to compare online products all year round that seasonal sales craziness tend to lessen. Special discount days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day, and so on, used to be the very important for shoppers. They no longer are.

Instead, those days are now becoming a part of the entire shopping season starting in November. This trend touches every countries, depending on when those special discount days are planned.

#2.Shopping experience personalization

Technology keeps improving and your e-commerce can now propose multiple points of personalization to improve your customers shopping experience and make it unique to each one of them. By using such features, your online retail will be able to encourage e-shoppers  to buy more items, because they might correspond to their needs.

82% of online shoppers declare that personalization is extremely important when shopping online and contribute to their purchase decision.

Products recommandations are based according to customers preferences, geographic location, market trends, demographic group and past purchases. For example, you can set up sections like “similar items”, “recommended for you”, or even “People who bought this also bought…” (this one is especially great to get one last chance to make the cart bigger). 

#3. Chatbots multiplication

Other e-commerce trend growing up is the multiplication of Chatbots. They indeed revolutionized relationship your e-commerce can maintain with your customers.

By being able to get help 24/7 from a fully automated chat agent that answer their questions, online shoppers are more confident and can get simple issues resolved quickly, which allow them to validate their purchases instead of abandoning their cart.

Chatbots are useful to almost any kind of e-commerce and are more and more present, then many customers should face their first interaction with this artificial intelligence in 2017. Knowing that people using such live chat  tend to spend between 5 to 30% more, this is a good thing for your e-commerce.

#4. Use of Big Data to predict purchase

Big Data is definitely such a great tool when you know how to use it. By exploiting correctly information you have collected through customers profiles and interaction with your website, you should now be able to implement predictive analysis methods.

This will help you to better understand your consumers’ buying habits, what they prefer and even what their next purchase might be, comparing profiles.

 #5. Maximize the mobile shopping experience

Nowadays, making your online store mobile friendly is not just a option. Customers use more and more their mobile devices to shop online.

In 2016, this number overtook the desktop traffics for the time in history. Google, which objective is to please users, has implemented a new “mobile first update” which mean you have to make your website according to mobile use, not just making it responsive.

Mobile users and desktops users are actually the same audience, but they use different devices depending on the situation. Research show that they actually use their smartphone to make up their mind and then they use their desktop to purchase your items.

#6.Same Day Delivery

Because online customers buy product remotely, delivery and return policies are a very important points in your customers’ experience with your store, especially the last mile implementation.

Same-day delivery option has first been launch by Amazon Prime few years ago and is becoming a real e-commerce trend that spreads widely.

Report from Forrester show that almost 30% of consumers would agree to pay extra to have access to same-day delivery.

#7.Implement Social Commerce

Talking about top e-commerce trends, social media are among the
new communication channels your absolutely want to control.
Consumer buying decision are now largely influenced by social media content instead of more traditional marketplaces.

Social media influencer and bloggers can influence large part of population to like or dislike something. 70% of online consumers consider they can rely on product and brand recommendations from their social circle, just like they would do with friends and family. 74% of them even declare they use social media to make their purchase decisions. Word of mouth has huge impact, both online or off line.

#8. HTTPS adoption

HTTPS ensure authentication, encryption and data integrity. This feature is more and more used as 85% of e-commerce now display it. It is important for you customers to be sure their data won’t be compromised, and it is important for you because Google has integrates this criteria in its final ranking.

Plus, if you absolutely want to control your website, using HTTPS is a must do since third party won’t be able to modify your content and damage your brand image. The giant WordPress has even decided implement features that make HTTPS compliance compulsory for all sites.

#9.Omni-channel sales

Having omni-channels sales is a good idea.  It means your sell your
product on several kind of marketplace to maximize your sales.

When purchasing something, customers don’t usually use only one marketplace, instead they switch between online stores, social media, game console, online catalog and also brick-and-mortar store.

So multiply your chances to grow by using those channels too.

 #10. Use product remarketing

Remarketing allow you to present your product several times to the same online customer.

Far from being a simple e-commerce trend, remarketing is crucial if you want to give some incentive to your customers and bring them back to your online store.

Through multiple “touchpoints” they will be proposed to come back to your site, to finalize their purchase with items currently in their cart, get a discount if they order within the next 10 min, and so on.

Research show that it takes on average 7 touch points before a consumer actually decides to buy the remarketed product.

E-commerce market is doing just fine ! Online transactions are now democratized, which allow to realize more and more online purchase. Year after year new trends are flourishing and digital makes it possible to conceive crazier things. Some are going to stay in everyone’s mind while some are not going to last long. According to you, which one of those 2017 top e-commerce trends is going to stay in everyone’s mind ?

And you, what do you think is going to the next e-commerce trend? Tell us below or Tweet us!