If your business is located in Asia or if you are looking into entering the Asian market, schedule a few days in for the InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN. A 3-day event where 3 co-located shows come together and where great insights will be shared by digital experts. The retail part of the event is mixed with Shop FIT and Shop TECH, making it the perfect combination if you want to dive into the whole digital experience!

It will take place from the 14th till the 16th of September, 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand. You will find 7500+ visitors and 200+ exhibitors waiting for you to share their experience with at the event. People from all over Asia will be coming together to discuss the hottest topics in the field. Companies will share their latest innovative solutions in fields such as measurements & analytics, content & digital marketing, logistics & fulfillment and insight & data.

5 reasons to attend the InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN:


Learn how to prepare your business, may it be already online or still offline, for the innovation of the future. One-on-one business meeting will give you the opportunity to make the right connections and build great partnerships that will help you develop towards your future goals. Learning about the right digital technologies to use for your e-commerce will empower you.


It is not always easy to attract and retain your customers, especially with technology moving fast. Keeping up and understanding what your customers are looking for is key! Understanding and knowing how to work with multi-channel shopping trends, customer behaviour and preferences will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.


Do you want to make sure you are leaving your competitors far behind you? Get first-hand insights of the experts in the market. Learn about key areas for growth for your e-commerce and you might learn that a new online payment platform can give your business a great boost. Keeping up with the newest trends and most engaging solutions for your clients will improve your success.


Learn how to wow your clients with an amazing targeted marketing campaign. Get to know about the data that is out there to optimize your marketing campaigns! Learn how to map out the customer journey and discover the downfalls and strengths your current campaigns have. It will help you to project on your upcoming campaigns and you will able to personalize your campaign exactly tailored to your client’s needs.


And finally, get to know all about overcoming challenges that businesses face in the e-commerce world. Have the logistics limitations scared you aware from going online and cross border? Is the fear of competitive prices holding you back? Then you can learn all about how to overcome these hurdles and become a master at e-commerce!

Previous attendees of the InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN have responded with great favorable reviews:

‘IRX Indonesia 2016 was a roaring success with more than 700 industry professionals and 500 retailers attending the event. It aims to be the meeting place for the multi-channel industry where retailers meet key suppliers and together will learn through best practice implementation case studies from a mature market.’Global Indonesia Voices

And even more reason to attend the InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN with a conference pass:
• Opportunity for 1-to-1 business meetings & networking sessions
• Access to presentation slides & exhibition seminars
• Lunch & refreshments are included

It is not easy to pick the events you will be attending but if you are looking into the Asian market or if it is your home market, the InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN event is not the one to miss out on this year!

For more information and the brochure, click here! P.S. Did we mention it’s free for individual visitors?! Get your tickets here!