The photo oriented social networking app, Instagram, is proving to be the network made for business- especially E-commerce. With the focus of this audience being on beautiful, stylized photos, it’s easy for an E-commerce to showcase their best products and reach thousands of followers.

But there are certain tactics to using Instagram for E-commerce. The Social Tree has made an excellent infographic outlining the must-do strategy for using Instagram for business.

Here are 8 steps to nailing that Instagram strategy for your E-commerce:

Show off your Products

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When you are presenting your products on Instagram, try to make sure your photos follow the same kind of theme or look. You want to give consistency to your brand and really attribute a visual identity to your brand. A great example is Everlane, which has a consistent, bright look to all of their Instagram photos. They even follow the same color scheme when staging photos.


Show how it’s made


If possible, show how your product is made, or show someone using your product. This can be a non-typical way to show off your brand without the classic advertisement. If your process is a long one, you can make it part of a multipart series, which is extremely sharable on other social platforms as well.

Go behind the scenes


Instagram is especially adapted for showing your audience a “behind-the-scenes” look into the world of your production, or work life. Show your followers something that the average person wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to see.

Show what your products can do

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Instagram works really well for tutorials and showcases of what your products are capable of. Try showing gif tutorials, or perhaps less thought of ways to use, wear, and consume your products. Get creative!

Show off the Office & Employees

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A fantastic way to build brand intimacy with your followers is to show photos of you and your team in day-to-day life. This humanizes your brand and gives your followers the personalized view of your E-commerce.

Take your Customers with you

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This is a great way to promote events that you attend and give your followers the impression that they get an exclusive view into the world behind your E-commerce business. Remember to use the hashtag of the event and tag prominent attendees in your Instagram shots.

Share Quotes and Inspiration

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Sharable quotes and inspiring photos are a hit on this social network, and you should be capitalizing on that. People want things that speak to them, so choose quotes that represent who you are as a brand and share them in a visual way. Try not to use quotes that have been overused- you still want to be unique.

Get Competitive

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Use competitions to get new followers and foster brand loyalty. You want your consumers to engage with your brand and actively participate. They will be more likely to share your content with their friends on their own networks, which will launch more acquisition for you. This is especially useful for brands that do charitable work to present their causes.


Extra tips:

  • Use hashtags! 

    Hashtags are great ways to help new people find and follow your brand. Use an official hashtag for corporate events and for your official brand. This will allow your customers to tag you in photos of themselves enjoying your products!

  • Regram your followers:

    Don’t shy away from regramming what your users send you. You want your followers to share their creativity with you and engage, so reward them by resharing their awesome photos.

  • Tag a location:

    If it’s pertinent, tag a location to your photos. Instagram posts with a location tag gets 79% more engagement.

  • Promo it:

    Share special promotions with your Instagram followers that are exclusive to the social network.

  • Plan it out:

    Design your photos around a central color scheme. Single dominant colors tend to get more likes on Instagram.

  • Understand your post lifespan:

    50% of all comments on an Instagram post are posted within the first 6 hours. They’re usually all posted after 48 hours.

Instagram is a fantastic social media for those with the eye for design and creativity. Feel free to go wild with the expression of your brand and create a visual community that will convert your followers to customers.

What’s your favorite social media for branding? Tell us below or Tweet us!