Hold on to your hats, E-commerce Nation is headed to the windy city.

The IRCE (the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition) is the largest E-commerce conference and exhibition in the USA with projected 10,000 attendees June 7th-10th in Chicago. With that kind of turnout, making important connections and growing your network will be a breeze. The theme of this year’s event is all about the latest trends to hit the E-commerce industry, and how to stay on top of the evolution of this fast-paced digital world.IRCE Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition

The event is comprised by top industry professionals who will present a wealth of information throughout the day both Wednesday June 8th and Thursday June 9th from 8:30 am to 5 pm. There will be pre and post conference workshops with the most prominent influencers in the E-commerce industry on Tuesday June 7th from 4-6:30 pm and Thursday June 9th from 9 am to 6:30 pm respectively.

Conferences will be held with top industry professionals over a variety of topics concerning the evolution of E-commerce today, as well as the latest trends that you should stay on top of. It goes without saying that the content in these conferences and workshops will be of incredible value to E-tailers of all sizes.

Here are three that you absolutely cannot miss:  

Greg Bowen, Vice President of Dell Commerce Services: 180 Countries, 34 Languages, One Platform: How the New, Global Dell.com Keeps Customers Happy Around the World (June 8th, 8:30-9 am)

When creating a global platform, how do you personalize your user experience, logistics, and business model across 180 countries and 34 languages? Dell has done just that with the roll out of their global Dell.com by uniting online properties around the world on a single unique platform. In an example of how an E-commerce giant can demonstrate remarkable agility, Bowen will discuss what worked for Dell.

This is great for E-commerce professionals of all sizes who wish to compete globally and stay reactive.

Mark Friedman, President of E-commerce for Steve Madden: How Steve Madden Keeps it Edgy at Every Touchpoint, Digital and Beyond (June 9th 8:15-8:45 am)

How to unite an edgy vibe that feels authentic at every customer touchpoint: in store, online on all devices, etc. Friedman will discuss how Steve Madden created a seamlessly consistent experience that speaks to the customer on a personal level at every point in which the customer interacts with the brand.

This is great for E-commerce professionals looking to create the ultimate omni-channel experience.

Brian Kelly, CEO KissMetrics: How Retailers Can Get the Most of Their Analytics (June 9th, 3:15-3:45 pm)

In a world where E-commerce professionals are inundated with information, statistics, and metrics, it can be impossible to make sense of it all. Kelly will go over how to birth a strategy from this information with examples of how to apply them practically to your E-commerce strategy.

This is great for E-commerce professionals who have trouble making sense of all the data.

floorplanOnce you’ve finished picking the brains of the most successful E-Commerce gurus, it’s time to see the exhibition hall where 600+ E-commerce vendors will be presenting their latest solutions. This is the moment to make important connections to help grow your E-commerce.

E-Commerce Nation will be present at IRCE looking to meet interesting, innovative E-commerce professionals from all over the world. We’ll be looking for new members into our E-commerce community and official International E-Commerce Nation club exclusive for E-tailers. Feel free to say hi, and tweet us #IRCE2016!