We had a chance to participate in a huge event right in the middle of most known European sights, the E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2017. If you ever thought that you knew everything about e-commerce, think again. The world of automated text messages, marketing and content tools is still spinning around, and new ideas and startups come right on its way.

What were the hot topics?

Four incredible stages, with amazing lectures, have given a spark to each and every hour of the E-CommerceBerlin Expo. There were a lot of insights on opening an own marketplace, collecting leads or active apps for optimizing online sales, but the most crucial ones were strictly about business.

Hugo Smoter from Spreadshirt served some insights retail on European markets, mainly predicting the upcoming year’s sales. A lecture on the German e-commerce market from users perspective, was presented by Nadine Litchfield, but the most B2B and B2C discussion was concentrated on Chinese and Russian markets.

It’s hard to come to conclusions after just a hour-long panel, but the presence of Dominik Johnson from Yandex has made the talk more proficient. A great amount of research and E-Commerce Berlin Expo 2017challenging the giants should be a key to enter any markets, but with thriving e-commerce in China, the Alibaba Group (also present at the event), sounds like a serious competition. Other interesting lectures focused on legal aspects of e-commerce, or optimizing advertisements and publicity efforts.

With about 80 stands and more than 3000 attendees, the E-Commerce Berlin Expo has become a large, professional event. We had a pleasure to experience some of the newest startup ideas, as well as recognisable companies.

You could test out a few e-mail automation tools, that differed in solutions, pricing and ideas, also a lot of ROI & Billing online solutions, as well as apps for automated answers & app builders for more customized needs.

Software-wise, we could see some agencies that implement Magento or Presta, some SaaS e-commerce models and ideas for plugins, that automate sales. But, there were solutions that definitely stood out from the rest, with the fresh idea behind or an approach, that hasn’t been seen before.

Innovative Solutions at the Event

If you ever thought of having beautiful, customized boxes, Printmate will be an ideal solution for you. We all know that the customer experience extends to when the customer opens their package. The company has presented some beautiful detailed packages, made with some extraordinary visual designs and multiple size options. A potential online resale platform – Idealo – has some unique features, that make the company a possible competition for Amazon.

Modern approach to online sales is highly visible, with not only price comparing system, but detailed vendors page as well. If you are looking for an easy, CTA based text messages automation, SMSapi, will be definitely a thing to look up to.

They have made a simple-to-integrate app, to send mass text messages, that will have your database covered. Last, but not least, we were impressed by AX Semantic presentation. The company is said to deliver great, human like content but generated by a machine. They collect product information database & the engine renders content. Thumps up for the idea of AI driven data!

If you feel that you’ve missed out on this year’s edition, don’t worry. You just have to save the date for next year’s E-commerce Berlin Expo.