We’ve been teasing you for a few weeks, and we’re sorry.

But the truth is, we’ve been revolutionizing the way that e-commerce professionals will do business.

We noticed a need in the market. Yesterday, when an e-commerce owner needed to find a solution for their online store, they went to google and sifted through the millions of results based on vague keywords that may or may not accurately describe their problem. Finding cross-border solutions was especially difficult, as you can’t really filter through whether or not a solution provider deals with the countries you want to target.

Today, all that has changed. Here is a step-by-step tutorial with everything you need to know about the business place:

  • What information can I find?
  • How do I find an E-commerce Solution?
  • How do I find an E-commerce Event?
  • How do I add my solution?

Introducing the first cross-border marketplace for e-commerce solutions: The Business Place by E-Commerce Nation. Where you can find the best e-commerce solution for your business, filtering by country, by solution that fits your needs, and by feature. Where you can look at reviews based on how others found their services, and sort by which solution provider has the easiest interface, or the best customer service. We’ll help you find the perfect match for your needs.

We’ve also compiled a list of free tools and solution providers that have a free version that you can use, ranging in categories from social media marketing and visual design, to news aggregation, analytics tracking, and growth hacking. All free to use, and all tested personally by our team.

What information can I find?


On each solution provider page, you have access to a gallery of screenshots that show you more about what the company offers and how they can help your business. For example, this is the screenshot of the page for IFTTT.


We’ve also included tutorials on how to use the tools, with a detailed review on how they work and if there’s also a paid version.


On each page, there is practical information pertaining to the company, how to contact them, and on which social networks they’re present. We also included where they’re located and how to find them. For example, Canva has specific hours based on when their support is running on Twitter, so we added their hours and what time zone they’re in so you can figure out a good time to contact them for help.

How do I find an e-commerce solution?

Finding an e-commerce solution provider is simple on our platform.

You can either search via the box on the right for your needs, or you can click on solutions guide for a list of the various solutions we have on the site.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cross-border solution and you want to filter it by country, you can select crossborder guide and select the region that you need.


So let’s say you need an SEO solution for your E-commerce. Simply click on SEO which will lead you to the list of e-commerce solutions that are present on the Business Place.



You’ll end up with a list that looks like this with a summary of the company, their website, and different icons that give you an indication of what each company is capable of. So let’s say that you want to filter out any e-commerce solution that doesn’t have a free version to try, visible and transparent pricing, and a video tutorial. Simply click on the filters at the top of the list, and hit apply filters.


And there you have it! A narrowed down list of e-commerce solutions that will best work for your needs.

What about E-Commerce Events?

You also have the option of checking out events on our Business Place, where we’ll host and give you the practical information on the biggest e-commerce events worldwide, so there will be no problem finding one near you!


We even organized them chronologically so you can keep track of which events are coming up!


On each event page,  you get a clear synopsis of the event, take the example above for Paris Retail Week (coming up next week, by the way. Be there or be square). We present the most vital information first, with the dates and times, and we even put in a video so you can have a quick run-down on what the event is about.


From there, you can find a map to figure out where the event is taking place, with how much it will cost to go. Clicking on the price next to the tickets will lead you directly to the page where you can purchase tickets (or in this case, pre-register so you don’t have to pay for them).

You can even share it on social media so you can show your network that you’ll be hanging out with E-commerce Nation in Paris.

How do I add my E-Commerce Solution?

We’ve got some of our solution providers saying, “Wait! My solution isn’t on the Business Place! How do I get in on this?”

Simply sign up on the top right of each page, like so:

  • Fill in your Username and Email address
  • Select what kind of category you want to add
  • Enter in the captcha
  • Check your e-mail for your log-in link


Once you click on the link in the email, you can sign in and update your profile accordingly. Pick a good username, you won’t be able to change it afterwards.


 From this point, once you’ve added all your profile information, you can add a new e-commerce solution, event, and manage your reviews.


From this point, you can write about your e-commerce solution and tell the world about what you do. This is your time to shine! Make sure that people can understand exactly what you do from the start so we can add the appropriate filters.

On the right, you can select what categories you best fit in, as well as where you’re located geographically. Your extrait will be what shows up in the brief description of your company, so keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Once you scroll down, you can add your physical address and add yourself to the interactive map. You’ll be able to add your telephone number, e-mail contact, web link to your site, hours of operation (please note which time zone those hours apply to), and any filters you think you belong in.

Once you’ve finished adding your information, just click on the blue button that says submit. If you look back at your items, you’ll see that it’s pending review. The E-Commerce Nation team will review your submission, and publish you on the Business Place!

So there you have it. A single unified platform to help you find the right e-commerce solution for your needs, and alternatively, a single platform for you to present your solution to e-commerce owners. Sign up today to get on the E-Commerce Nation Business Place!