In the summer of 2016, Apple users received good news: from that date, Apple Pay was fully integrated with Shopify stores. Just a few months ago, it was Google Pay’s turn (it’s about time!).

This Google payment tool is already integrated with Shopify, so a user who buys from an ecommerce Shopify will be able to use Google Play during checkout.

This means millions of Android users, which is not a negligible public.

Google Pay and Shopify

Google users can instantly access payment and shipping information stored in their Google Accounts to streamline the checkout process. In this way, we save the user time consuming and confusing payment processes, and we grow our business very easily.

By offering your customers the opportunity to complete their purchase in just a few clicks we can reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase conversion.

If you are ready to implement Google Pay in your Shopify ecommerce, read on.

How to activate Google Pay in Shopify

First things first: before you set up Google Pay, you need to have your Shopify payments set up. If you haven’t done it yet, start there. This way, you will enable credit card payments in your store. Learn how to set up Shopify payments.

If you are already a Shopify Payments user, activating Google Pay is very easy. From your Shopify administrator, go to the Payment Providers section.

Google Pay and Shopify How to activate the payment method

Once in this section, click on Edit and, in the « Accelerated checkouts » section, click on the Google Pay option.

Finally, click Save.

You can find more information about activating Google Pay on the Shopify website.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have Google Pay payments activated in your store.

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Image credit : Ryan Filipski