E-commerce Nation has had the great pleasure to attend the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE 2018). The event has been an incredible experience and we will be sharing the key insights and experiences with you. MPE 2018 has brought together over 900 participants; merchants, payment solution providers and fraud experts. Topics that were discussed include market trends such as the GDPR regulations, omnichannel payment integrations and innovative payment methods.

This event has brought value to merchants by providing them the latest technologies that are developed in order to meet the customer’s demands. It gives both merchants and payment solutions the opportunity to exchange on the needs and expectations of the developing market. The event was filled with quality sessions, running in 4 concurrent streams  with 140+ inspiring speakers covering all aspects of the merchants payments acceptance.  The event hosted an exceptionally broad range of multi-stakeholder industry players such as FinTech companies, payment service providers, merchants, card schemes, regulators, software providers, ISOs and other industry experts.

Here are the key takeaways from MPE 2018

  • Innovation is key

In order to stay up to date with the ever developing market, merchant and solution providers alike will have to follow the innovative movements of the landscape. Interesting developments were presented by Nicholas Armstrong Dryden, CEO of Stahler, who presented Fingopay. This enterprise has developed a technology that allows people to pay simply with their finger, via a biometric identification and authentication service.

The solution is exceptionally secure due to its identity driven technology. What is unique about this solution is that it does not use fingerprints but the vein pattern within a person’s finger. This excludes the risk of identity theft in any kind of way. Fingopay started as a payment solution to be used during events and has now spread in retail and hospitality.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srqGplwNGCI&feature=youtu.be”]

  • Getting closer to the customer

As in any branch of e-commerce, we are moving towards a mindset in which the customer comes first and is the core of the company. The amount of available data nowadays, allows solution providers and merchants to adapt their services and products to provide customers with a seamless experience. Several speakers mentioned that the better the experience, the higher your percentage of loyal customers will be and the more new clientele you will attract through word of mouth marketing.

Now, sometimes we think the purchase process is not of great importance. The MPE2018 event has proved this to be wrong. The purchase process is of great value to your marketing activities and has a great influence on your conversion rate. Putting your customer at the heart of your business, allows you to offer a seamless experience that increases conversion rate. Especially when you simplify the purchase process.

A great solution that has taken this advice to heart is Zencard. This Polish enterprise smartly integrated loyalty programs in the purchasing process for merchants. We all know it can be a hassle to keep track of our loyalty cards, we forget to take them with us, we are not aware of the promotions we are getting and thus often miss out on great discounts and gifts. Integrating zencard with physical payment terminals allows merchants to have their clients sign up for their loyalty programs without the need of a seperate card. The customer simply enters their phone number and agrees to the terms of agreement.

This system can then send the customer messages by phone to inform them about promotions and gifts. It also reminds the customer of certain promotions that are happening when visiting the store. At the moment of purchase, the payment terminal will indicate the client is receiving e.g. a 10 euro discount, the client can then choose to use this discount or save it for later.

  • Quick, quick and quicker

Offering great payments basically means offering a simplified purchase process. The easier you make it for your customer, the easier it will be for them to purchase with only a click. This increases your cart abandonment rate, and thus increases your conversion rate, which is basically what everyone is aiming for.

But besides making it quick and easy for your customers to shop, you also have to keep in mind the after sales process for both your company and the client. A smart solution, designed by Collect AI, offers you an easy process to follow up with customers with outstanding payments. As a retailer you will always run into clients that do not pay in time. But to be honest, who hasn’t forgotten to pay a bill or two?

It is important to get your customers to pay for the products they have ordered while serving them with a smile and great customer support. Usually, 80% of the customers who have not paid in time, have simply forgotten, a simply reminder of payment will suffice for this group. The remaining 20% is a different story, these concerns people that have for example already returned the products or have paid already. There might be a few clients that simply do not have the means to pay.

Have a look at this sneak peak at the solution by Steve Emecz:

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMytR5yEGI4&feature=youtu.be”]

This solution puts in place a simple process that sends out emails to the client base with a link leading to a landing page on which they can directly pay. However, it also gives the client to option to engage in a live chat to inform the company on why they have not paid. The client is also able to indicate they would like a call-back to explain what is going on. The solution thus allows you to serve and keep your customers with offering them customer service.

  • Security

Another trend that was thoroughly discussed during the event was the tackling of fraud and the security of payment processing. Machine learning and artificial intelligence allow the market to secure payments in a developed manner. Many solutions have developed over the past years that help retailers, off and online, with the protection of their data and the regulations to follow in the market. 

A topic that frequently surfaced was the general data protection regulation (GDPR), merchants and solutions need to follow these regulations in order to comply with the law. This regulation comes into force as of 25 May of 2018 and will need to be followed strictly, otherwise companies may face heavy fines.

The changes cause a lot of worry for merchants but are actually pretty straight forward. If you are not yet aware of what the GDPR means for your business, find out more over here. If you are a US based company, don’t miss out on this article on how the GDPR will affect your company.


E-Commerce Nation also had the opportunity to connect with several solution providers who pitched their solution and their expert insights into the market. Find some of the greatest pitches here:


How to prevent fraud with machine learning and artificial intelligence

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4STtTubJzk&feature=youtu.be”]

Risk Ident

A solution that helps you to stay ahead of fraudsters

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-umiSwZAVo&feature=youtu.be”]

Digital Element

The solution on how to use global IP localization for your local marketing

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pt67S-C7Y7M”]


MPE 2018 hosted an exclusive dinner and gala at the end of the second day of the event. The MPE 2018 awards were handed out during this incredible evening for companies that have been voted most successful by the audience and peers before and during the event. There have been 14 respected areas for companies to win an award. Here are some of the awesome winners of MPE 2018:

Chosen as the Influencer of the Year is KACHING, the mobile-first retail platform that sets a new standard in efficiency and productivity.

Chosen as the best provider to serve international merchants is Lemon Way. Lemon Way secures your payments and puts key regulatory solutions in your hands. Whether it is for joint gifts, crowdfunding purposes, e-commerce stores or marketplaces.

The company that won the award for best omnichannel payment solution is AltaPay. A single connection to receive all your payments across e-commerce, in-store and mobile channels.


The best mobile payment solution has been won by YOYO Wallet. Effectively facilitating digital customer purchases using a mobile device.

The company winning the start-up innovation award is IDPal. The solution that provides businesses with the ability to verify the identity of clients quickly and easily.

Curious to find out more about who the rest of the MPE 2018 winners are? Have a look here for the full list of winners. The gala dinner and awards ceremony was everything it was promised to be, great organisation, great companies and great company. 

MPE 2018 was a great opportuntity for merchants to acquire all types of new knowledge on payment solutions and developments within the regulations. Did you miss out this year? No need to worry – you can register for next year’s edition, follow the event here.

We are looking forward to next year, hopefully we will be meeting you there!