What innovations will technology bring us next? What are the latest delivery innovations? With some of the latest gadgets resembling something from the “Star Wars” movie, the changes to technology and how they are used continue to amaze us! The most recent innovative technologies that we can look for soon promise to create a faster, more consumer-friendly experience while speeding up the productivity of e-commerce businesses.

While some of these technologies are controversial and must be monitored to ensure legal and ethical use, there’s no doubt there will be even more fascinating tools ready for use soon by e-commerce site owners.

Latest Delivery Innovations for e-commerce

Below are some of the most interesting inventions that you should watch for in the coming months and years that may hit the eCommerce industry.

Drone Delivery

Drones have been around for a long time. They have been used in every industry from military to medical applications. Lately, there has been a push to utilize these machines in the retail industry to get products to people faster. Some say that the use of this technology in disaster situations could greatly increase the efficiency of rescue operations and get needed supplies to people in need much faster than traditional methods.

Flirtey, a medical supplies company, recently got a drone approved for doorstep delivery through the drone system. Most drones will carry up to 2 pounds and fly at an average speed of 60 mph and 400 feet in altitude. The perception of drone delivery is regarded positively, with over half of US consumers believing that drone delivery will be faster than traditional methods of delivery.

The promise of drone delivery is good since it may guarantee that consumers get emergency supplies the same day as the order in busy areas, but there will likely be increased regulations as well to avoid misuse or abuse of this powerful technology.

Droid Delivery

Did you know that R2D2 will soon be delivering your groceries to you? Did you ever imagine that you might get your Amazon order from a robot that answers to the name, “Helix?” Well, we’re not sure about the name. But we are sure that the droid delivery technology is coming to a retail outlet near you, and it may prove to be one of the best-grounded delivery models of the near future.

Like drones, there will be regulations and limits to their use until some specific standards are developed. But it is an intriguing prospect, to say the least. Several southern U.S. states plan to test this new device in the summer of 2017 to see what its potential may be for large scale deliveries in the future.

Big Data Moves to Retail

We already know that big data is a powerful thing. Google itself has proven how efficient big data can be when creating the perfect search engine that can find anything on the web in a matter of seconds, track the location of a smartphone user, and offer recommendations about travel all over the world. But big data will soon be seen getting more involved in the parcel delivery service by offering “parcel volume prediction” such as DHL’s technology which factors in data to determine the volume of shipping and the approximate estimated cost quickly and efficiently.

This could save e-commerce retailers a lot of time and money when trying to predict freight and ground shipping costs to their companies and increase their ROI.

DHL has come up with its own model that deals with parcel volumes by using big data to form the standards of shipment. These big data models improve both process and customer satisfaction.

Hyperloop, another exciting new technology, can go from a location such as Vienna to Budapest in 10 minutes! It works by catapulting items and materials through a tube that sends them in lightning speed to their destination in a matter of seconds. It is not yet available, but if you are an e-commerce retailer, you can look for this new technology on the horizon.

More Sophisticated Automation

Automation and robotics will pave the way for even more exciting inventions that promise to offer the online e-commerce owner more speed, efficiency, and productivity than they ever dreamed could happen in the real world. The technologies that are currently being invented and perfected could change the way the world sees commerce in a way that has never happened before.

While the jury is still out on whether robots and drones will replace the traditional UPS and FedEx delivery systems anyway soon, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these courier companies buying into these high-tech cutting-edge methods shortly just to keep up with the curve.

Innovation isn’t exclusive to last-mile solutions however, even in Amazon and Zappos warehouses, we can see automation of inventory management. In picking and packing, inventory robots launched by Kiva offer new solutions for those who are looking to optimize their inventory processes.


Self-driving Vehicles

The idea of self-driving vehicles may be just around the corner as well for the retail industry. Some companies are already using this technology to transport goods without having to pay drivers for their services. It saves time since there is no human being at the wheel and the control remains with the e-commerce business or transportation vendor.

The challenge to these new technologies is that, while they offer some amazing perks to e-commerce business owners and shipping service providers, it will be a while before it can be developed on a large scale since everyone must buy into the idea for it to work. The more realistic picture is that some companies will choose to use the technologies while others will stick to their traditional methods. But one thing is for sure, the technologies we see around the bend offer some interesting changes.

Machines will never take the place of the living, human mind. But their role is to assist humans in our search for a system that would allow a higher degree of customer satisfaction that will allow you to grow your business to new heights in a shorter time.


The need for speed in delivery among customers and e-commerce retailers is a given. People want their items as soon as possible. They don’t want to have to wait for a delivery that may take days or even weeks.

And while it remains opaque how much legislation would have to occur to see all of these technologies available shortly, the potential for lightning-fast deliveries may be just around the corner, allowing e-commerce business owners to provide their customers with the fastest and most efficient delivery service ever available. Anything we missed? Tell us below or Tweet us!