The recruitment and management of leads to create a qualified mailing list and to keep our contacts loyal is something that you must keep in mind. To facilitate this goal, there are plugins that can help us simplify and automate many tasks.

Magic Action Box

I’ve already told you about Contact Form 7, the plugin I use to create contact forms on my blog. Magic Action Box is another option that allows you to create and customize contact forms and other types of data log boxes.

Ninja Forms

Another alternative plugin to create and customize your contact forms easily and without having to touch any code.

With Ninja Forms you can create as many forms as you want and there are no limits to the number of fields you want to add, the number of emails or the number of registrations.

This plugin also automatically redirects users wherever you want them to go once they sign up, either to a thank you page or to a successfully completed process page or to any other page that interests you.

Thank Me Later

This is another version of the Comment Redirect plugin that I use and have told you about before. The Thank Me Later plugin automatically sends a thank you email to first-time commenters on your blog.

That email will be sent after they comment but after the time interval you determine has elapsed. You can customize that email to take advantage of and suggest that these people follow you on social networks, offer them an advantage, etc.

Knews Multilingual Newsletters

A good plugin for creating and customizing newsletters. It’s template-based, so you won’t need to touch any code. With the Knews plugin you can also manage the sending of your newsletters and segment your subscribers into different mailing lists.

It supports Contact Form 7 and integrates a pixel to track open newsltetters and not just clicks. It’s quite complete.

Popup Maker

With this plugin you can create and customize all kinds of popups, such as forms, banners, notifications, etc..

Popup Maker is very flexible and allows you to customize both the design and content of the popup as well as its position, size, animation, etc.. All popups are responsive, i.e. they adapt to all types of mobile devices.

WordPress Call to Action

With this plugin you can easily create calls to action from customizable templates. It also allows you to create call to action popups.

You can directly monitor the conversion rates of your calls to action and do A/B tests to see what works best for you.

Other interesting plugins for WordPress

Here are some other interesting plugins that can help you meet other needs:


This plugin could not be left out of this collection of the best WordPress plugins.

A fantastic plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress into an online store with a lot of interesting features. It’s a plugin I’ve used in a lot of projects and, of course, it’s my plugin for creating TSA-commerce.

With Woocommerce you can sell anything you want from your website, both physical and digital products. And best of all, it lets you integrate a lot of WordPress extensions, both free and paid, to customize your store and add functionality to it.

It is neither a Magento nor a Prestashop but it is free, very flexible and integrates everything important: product catalog, shipping management, means of payment, and supports multiple configuration options.

Easy Google Fonts

With this plugin you can add any typeface from Google Fonts to your WordPress theme. It allows you to access more than 600 Google Fonts fonts and change the typography of your website without having to touch any code.

It also lets you see what the new font you choose looks like in your WordPress before you save your changes.

Cookie Law Info

This plugin allows you to easily solve the legal issue of informing your users that your website uses cookies.

With this plugin, you can customize your cookie bar to suit your website (colors, style, font) and choose to have this information displayed to your users at the top of your website or on the footer.

WordPress Landing Pages

This plugin allows you to create landing pages in a very simple way by using templates that you can customize.

It also allows you to monitor the conversion rates of these landing pages so you can optimize them and do A/B test with variations so you can check which option is giving you better results.


With this plugin you can clone, move and migrate your entire website to another domain or hosting.

Duplicator creates file with all the plugins, themes, content, database and WordPress files on the site for a smooth and complete migration.

And with this we come to the end of this compilation of the best plugins for WordPress, which we will update with new features.

Any other plugins that make your life a lot easier and that you want to recommend? the comments are all yours!

See you! Don’t stop telling me what your favorite plugins are!