The city of Zürich, Switzerland, will host the “ Ladies in e-Commerce 2017 ” event on the 8th of June at the Rackspace International GmbH. The e-commerce community gets bigger and bigger everyday as new businesses launch into this ever-evolving industry. This event is the occasion to get a closer look at this world from a female perspective. Participants will review topics regarding the relationship between women and the e-commerce industry, from a leadership point of view to simple online shopping.

Daily Challenges that Women Face

One the numerous challenges that women have to face at work is the infamous “gender gap”, even if the number of women-owned businesses is increasing in spite of the obstacles that exist. Women are slowly gaining more power in the business world, but this process isn’t as linear as we might have hoped.

When it comes to promotion, both men and women are willing to take on more responsibility, but in reality, women are 15% less likely to be promoted within their company. An interesting fact to consider though, research from the Peterson Institute demonstrated that companies with a more important feminine presence actually make more profit.

The global mentality is slowly changing, even though the journey will be long before men and women get the very same treatment. Online stores are quite different than regular companies and as e-commerce allows smaller structures to sell their unique products to the world, women are taking advantage of this opportunity to carve out their own businesses.

The standardization of e-commerce is helping a lot of women around the world run their own businesses, especially in the developing countries, like India, where staying at home mums can execute their chores while earning money from home. Which is actually a great improvement for their households income.

Ladies in E-Commerce 2017 edition By NetComm Suisse

This year edition of “Ladies in e-Commerce” will host numerous women speakers such as Tanja Lau, Head of Product and UX at Siroop, Shih Yun Kuo, Commercial Director of Lablaco, Catarina Dahlin, Co-founder and CEO at Dagsmejan, and many more.

Going to this event you will allow you to attend conferences about: the gender gap, how to boost the number of women in leadership roles, how to provide them with empowerment and support, and finally the relationship between women and online shopping.

The Schilling Report released in 2015 showed that there are only 3 female CEOs in Switzerland. One of them is actually NetComm Suisse associate Susanne Ruoff, from the Swiss Post. It also indicates that 52 women have seats at Executive Board meetings, which is only 6% all Swiss executives.

This event is the kind of initiative that helps empower women around the the globe. What a better field than e-commerce to implement it, knowing that 83 to 87% of online buying decisions are actually made by women, according to the comScore report.

If you are a woman working in e-commerce industry, you should definitely attend NetComm’s “Ladies in e-Commerce” 2017 in Zürich, to broaden your network and business perspective.

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