Paris Retail Week 2017 is going to be huge this year- with the top brands and retailers from all over Europe and the world coming to present their keynote thoughts, showcase their solutions, and keep up to date on the latest trends to sweep the e-commerce industry.

This September, on the 19th-21st, we’ll see the largest gathering of the biggest and the best in the online retail world in Paris.

Official media partners with Paris Retail Week 2017, E-Commerce Nation is going to be at the event in full force. We’ve prepared something special for you this year, which will bring real value to your event experience.

1. #ECNWelcome: We’ll Greet you at the Gate

E-Commerce Nation will be front and center as you enter the event to welcome you to the kick off of each day of Paris Retail Week. We’ll have a stand directly as you walk in the Parc Expo to help you find your way.

We’ll also have practical guides for you to use during the event to help you find and understand solution providers presenting during the event. For example, how to choose the best e-commerce platform, with the key questions you need to ask and 10 tips for choosing the best one. We also add suggestions and examples of platforms that might be great for your store.  In these guides, you’ll also have an event map where everyone is presenting throughout Parc Expo.

ECN Team Paris Retail Week

At any time during the event, come and say hi and share your projects with us!

2. #ConseilECN: Everything you need to know for Paris Retail Week

Imagine you’re in the middle of throngs of people, and you’ve been networking like a rockstar. Problem is, you’ve lost track of time, and you’re not sure which room that Keynote speech you absolutely had to see was in.

You could run around hunting down the information. Or you could tweet under the hashtag #ConseilECN and have your response in seconds.

If you have a question about the practicalities or logistics of Paris Retail Week, you need look no further than Twitter. In addition to the welcome stand, we’ll also be answering all of your questions in real time.

Now you can find where to find any solution during the event, when your favorite keynote speech is, or even when the after party is at any time during the event.

Along with the different tips we’ll be giving out throughout the three-day event, we’ll also be hosting two social media contests during the event for great prizes:

3. #ECNChallenge: A Treasure Hunt to win an awesome domain name

We’ll have a certain amount of items during Paris Retail Week that you’ll have to find in order to enter the contest. These will be goodies that different stands are giving away, and you’ll have to collect them all.

#ECNChallenge Paris Retail Week 2017

Once you’ve got all the items from the scavenger hunt, stop by our stand at the entrance and we’ll enter you for a prize drawing. On the 21st, we’ll choose a name out of a hat and the lucky winner will win a free domain name for a year from .store domains!

4. #ECNPitch: Pitch your solution and win!

#ECNPitch is a contest for Instagram for those who have awesome solutions they’d like to share with the world. Don’t be shy, give us your elevator pitch!

#ECNPitch Paris Retail Week 2017

Participation is simple: Just film a 60 second pitch of your solution and publish it on Instagram using the hashtag #ECNPitch and tagging @Ecom_Nation. On the last day of Paris Retail Week 2017, we’ll choose the video with the most likes and comments! The winner will get a free article and a sidebar banner on our site.

5. #ParisRetailWeek Live Tweet

Whenever we attend an event, we perform a live tweet covering the best keynote speeches, snippets and quotes from e-commerce influencers, and the best stands to visit during the conference. We’ll have our team out in force attending everything and live tweeting the event in both English and French for our communities.

So if you can’t make it to Paris Retail Week 2017, never fear. We’ll be transmitting the event in live for you so you don’t miss a single thing!

From contests and goodies, to networking, pitches, and awesome tips for Paris Retail Week 2017, E-Commerce Nation will be there to make your event as productive as possible. Follow our live tweet, take a selfie with us, and join us for another great Paris Retail Week event!

What makes you the most excited for Paris Retail Week 2017? Tell us below or tweet us!