M-commerce is growing faster and faster, and expectations are high for this channel. With the opportunity taken by online retailers to sell directly on mobile, customers have become more demanding about the quality of services offered by online stores. If these expectations are as much quantitative as qualitative, the evolution of the mobile also provides many internal and external opportunities for  e-tailers.

Retail Mobile 2016 will take place in Lille at the Grand Palais on October 5th. This first edition of RetMo take place on a day when more than 200 decision-makers are expected around lectures but also networking times based on the exchange and sharing between expert mobile marketing and retail.

The Retail Mobile 2016, a Partner Event

Announcing the first edition of RetMo, an event based solely on the development and challenges of m-commerce, founded by the creators of Appdays. This conference will discuss all topics related to retail via mobile. RetMo will take place in the modern center city of Lille and consolidate networking, usability and conferences hinged on different points:

• Converting mobile visitors into customers

• Optimizing the customer journey

• Choosing the right interface: app, responsive website, mobile site

• Starting profitable mobile marketing campaigns

• Retaining with a powerful mobile CRM

• Charging frictionless mobile

• Enriching customer relations

• Accelerating digitalization of outlets

These different themes will give you the opportunity to better understand the opportunities brought by mobile but also to discuss existing practices and solutions. You can also discuss your  personal experiences, and offer feedback. Solutions will also be present to introduce you to the mobile services they offer, future prospects, and the vision they have of m-commerce in the coming years. Then you will know all the tracks to better sell via mobile, and also to offer better service and support to your prospects during their visit on your mobile, responsive site, or application.

The Evolution of Mobile Use

Expanding even further with a 31% increase in first quarter 2016, the mobile is experiencing significant growth in terms of notoriety. This channel, which did not inspire confidence among consumers in its infancy, has been able to modernize, improve, and become an important element in the acquisition of traffic on e-commerce sites.

One of the first barriers to purchase mobile was related to the connection. However, with the evolution of technology and attention to this connection by the various sectors, networks are becoming more accessible at lower costs. Indeed, hotels, bars, restaurants, and even some cities offer free WiFi to their customers and visitors. This is beneficial for portable PCs and especially for tablets and smartphones.

Accessibility to online shops on three different media is becoming simpler. Despite this progress, the site is now expected to be attractive but also reassuring. Whether for information or design visibility, the design has to be up to the expectations associated with great UX/UI. Today, responsive design is essential for an e-commerce site. In addition, it will show your professionalism and will be a guarantee of quality and credibility.

If confidence in mobile payment is not yet fully accepted, this channel has other functions for online shopping.

The Various Functions of Mobile and its Future Prospects

These technological advances don’t only benefit consumers, they are also opportunities for e-tailers. The emergence of more and more connected devices allows e-commerces to gain proximity to the target. However, the evolution of the mobile also generates higher internal performance.

Today, 69% of users go online before heading in store. The “window shopping” is digitized and is now observed that consumers visit retail sites with their mobile before making the actual purchase via their smartphone. In addition, data analysis to trace the route user and customer is an opportunity to improve the service offered. Sale-Private notably unveiled two significant figures during the  Fevad conference earlier this year:

“Mobile represents 80% of our audience and 57% of our profits.”

If the average consumer cart decreased during the first quarter 2016, it is probably related to the difficulties of navigation and visibility of too many items in our basket on mobile. However, with an increase in frequency of purchase, the number of transactions and turnover also increased by 16% to a total of 17.9 billion euro.

Mobile marketing campaigns are also emerging. Customized reminders, welcome messages, and promotional ads are no longer only by mail. Indeed, 95% of text ads are opened within 5 minutes of sending. This proximity and customization enables e-merchants to be in continuous contact with their audience. A growing number of social networks are also more accessible.

These platforms therefore offer the ability for you to better understand their expectations and their needs and at any time and without necessarily need to disturb your clients. So you can explore quickly and easily. If it was already possible on computer, the fact that these networks become more and more accessible, increasing their use. In addition, some platforms like Instagram or Snapchat not allow posting via any other channel other than mobile.

M-commerce issues are important for any online retailer. Whether for your SEO, your visibility, your reputation and therefore your market share, you can’t do without a legible interface for smartphones. The rapid evolution of various online tools make that your reputation and your credibility will increase depending on your ability to adapt rapidly and anticipate changes on these different channels.

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