Besides Akismet, among the best security and anti-spam plugins to protect your WordPress are:


The Anti-Spam plugin is another simple but useful alternative for filtering and blocking spam that comes to you through comments.

WordPress Zero Spam

Another 100% free option to protect yourself from spam. With WordPress Zero Spam, suspicious spam comments are automatically blocked. It is very simple because it does not require any additional configuration.

Ithemes Security

The Ithemes Security plugin helps you to keep your web site protected from possible attacks or malicious actions that may take advantage of your WordPress vulnerabilities at some point (weak passwords, plugins, obsolete software, etc).

This plugin shields your WordPress, fixes possible vulnerabilities and stops automated attacks.

This plugin also integrates more advanced features to strengthen your WordPress and make it even more secure.

Wordfence Security

A very interesting plugin to keep your blog safe. The Wordfense plugin integrates firewall, anti-virus, scans your site for malware and possible security holes, and protects your WordPress from bots and other attacks.


The BackWPup plugin automatically backs up our WordPress on a regular basis. This plugin integrates with cloud services, such as Dropbox and many others, to save and store your backups.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Another very popular plugin that takes care of making full backups of your WordPress. You can program them and select what type of files you want to be backed up (contents, themes, plugins, etc.).

The Updraft WordPress Backup Plugin allows you to automatically save your backups to cloud services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive among others, and restore them quickly. You can also choose which files or items you want to restore.

Limit Login Attempts

This plugin allows you to limit the number of access attempts to your WordPress. In this way, the Limit Login Attempts plugin allows you to keep your blog safe from possible brute force attacks on your website.

You can set the number of attempts from which access to your WordPress from that IP address will be automatically blocked, and you can determine how long that block will remain in place.

WPS Hide Login

With the WPS Hide Login plugin, which can be a good complement to Limit Login Attempts, you can modify the access URL to the backend of your WordPress (where you must enter the username and password to enter).

That is, the default URL for “yourdomain/wp-admin/” or “yourdomain/login.php” becomes inaccessible. And to access the backend of your WordPress you will need to do so through the custom URL you have determined.

In this way, you can shield your website even more from possible attacks that want to force access by hacking the username and password. If you disable the plugin, everything will be back to the way it was and the access URL will be the usual WordPress URL again.

Optimization and Performance Plugins

Let’s see now some of the best WordPress plugins to optimize and improve the performance of your website:

W3 Total Cache

Getting your website to load as quickly as possible is a decisive factor for both your users and Google. Even more so if we talk about the mobile environment. Every millisecond counts.

The W3 Total Cache plugin is one of the most popular plugins to increase the speed of loading your web pages and reduce server load. This plugin is currently compatible with all types of hostings, although it is never too much to consult your provider.

WP Super Cache

Another alternative to manage the cache of your website and thus reduce the server load and increase the speed of loading your WordPress. The WP Super Cache plugin generates static HTML files to lighten the load on the pages.


The Autoptimize plugin allows you to easily optimize the performance of your website, as it unifies all the scripts and styles to minimize and compress them.

In this way, it allows you to save bandwidth and improve the loading speed of your website.

It integrates advanced options so that you can customize the plugin and cover more specific needs of your website.

WP Optimize

This plugin is in charge of periodically cleaning the database of your WordPress to eliminate unnecessary or obsolete elements that are taking up space and slowing down the loading time of your website.

WP Optimize crawls your website for these kinds of unnecessary components, such as pingbacks, unapproved spam comments, the automatic reviews that WordPress generates and stores every time you edit a post or page, etc.

P3 – Plugin Performance Profiler

Remember that at the beginning of everything we talked about how plugins consume server resources and can affect the speed of loading your website depending on what they weigh? Well, the P3 plugin can help you manage this more easily.

This plugin is in charge of analyzing how the plugins that you have installed affect the loading time of your website to detect which can be a problem and that you can solve it. You don’t have to have it always on, just when you need it.

Compress JPEG & PNG Images

He has already told you about WP Smush, which is the plugin I use to reduce the size of the images and, in this way, its weight does not affect the loading speed of my website. The Compress JPEG & PNG Images plugin is another alternative for doing this.

This plugin compresses all the JPG and PNG files you upload to your WordPress, no matter how big they are. JPG images can be reduced by 40-60% without losing quality and PNG images by 50-80%.

The catch of this plugin is that the free version only allows you to compress 100 images per month. Depending on your specific needs, this may or may not be enough.

Lazy Load

The Lazy Load plugin allows us to further optimize the loading speed of our website in terms of the weight of images.

In this case, what this plugin does is to delay the loading of the images on the page until they must be visible by the user who is browsing the page and scrolling.

BJ Lazy Load

The BJ Lazy Load plugin is a first cousin of the previous one. Another alternative to delay loading images until necessary.

Mobile Optimization Plugins

Optimization and performance in the mobile environment require a separate section because its importance is vital and growing.

I told you about the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin I use myself. Let’s see now some other interesting plugins that can help you optimize your website on mobile devices.

AMP for WP

An alternative plugin to AMP to automatically add AMP support to your website pages.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

A good choice to ensure that your website is fully responsive from any type of mobile device.

This plugin automatically displays the design with a layout adapted to the type of mobile device.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

This plugin detects all mobile device browsers (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.) and displays the most appropriate mobile theme based on the settings you have made in your WordPress admin panel.

You can select different types of mobile themes for each browser.