This year, E-Commerce Nation had the great opportunity to attend Shoptalk Europe 2017, and it was an absolute blast! This reputable event has shown to bring to table what is promised. As the name suggests, this event revolved around talk about shopping; online shopping and the future for online shopping.

Anil Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Shoptalk, opened the event with a speech focusing on bringing people together. The focus is to create communities that interact and exchange. Together we will grow bigger and better. Also one of the reasons why Shoptalk is bringing together Europe and the United States event in 2018 in Las Vegas. – We will definitely try and be there!


Conferences from top speakers

The conferences and general sessions that were offered by Shoptalk were educative, varying and entertaining. Speakers such as RJ Pittman gave expert insights on the development and strategy of eBay. He mentioned that we are not just working cross border and going global with our businesses, we, ourselves are global.

He also mentioned that including AI and VR in your strategy is no longer a choice but a – ‘the sooner the better’. The sooner you integrate these types of technologies, the sooner you can personalize your communication and get a competitive advantage in the market.

Here are the three main tips that RJ Pittman of Ebay gave us:

• Get personal by using AI
• Make sure you are visible – everywhere
• And increase your impact by 10x

Mariangela Marseglia @ Amazon Prime Now

Besides eBay, Amazon Prime Now was also present to share their latest insights and developments. Mariangela Marseglia mentioned that Amazon Prime Now is the sandbox for experimentation. A lot of developments are taking place and starting delivery in the right place and acing it, means that you will be able to take it everywhere. So where did they start? In the heart of Manhattan.

Wilhelm Oehl @ Eight Inc.

Besides optimization of solutions and efficiency, it was clear that we are moving towards a different way of online selling. As Wilhelm Oehl mentioned, we should not be after the return of investment but after the return on human experience. We are moving towards a world in which experiences will be a reason for purchase, the rest will take place online. Brick and mortar shops will not disappear but will become houses of experiences.

Authors & Interviews

Besides book signings from great inspirational writers such as Wijnand Jongen (the end of online shopping), we also had the chance to meet & interview various great companies that are bringing the latest and most innovative solutions to the ecommerce market.

Vicky Zadeh, CEO of Rakuten Fits Me, has introduced us to a solution that is implementable on your fashion website. Strategically adapting the offer shown on the home page according to the clothing size based on the height, weight and body shape of your consumer.

Not only will the fashion feed show your customers the clothes that have their preference, it will show the clothing that actually suit their particular figure. You know that moment when you try something on because you saw it on someone else and loved it? And it turns out to look absolutely horrible on you? Exactly, no more of that! You can now prevent the fashion mistakes of our customers!

We also had the pleasure to meet with Elizabeth Shobert, director of marketing and digital strategy at Style Sage. The solution they are bringing to the market allows extensive competitive price recognition. It will allow you to view prices of your competition based on the same and similar products, automatically.

The data is designed to make it available to those ‘less tech-savy’ and gives the opportunity to research, for example, new markets. Find out whether your products are already in the market and what price your competitors offer. Instead of investing in an expensive research, this tool gives real time feedback on the pricing strategies of your competitors and the market situation.

Maria Flores, general manager UK of Persado gave us more insight into the use of online language and the importance for great interactions with your customer. She explained Persado can help you with making your marketing campaigns more effective through the use of the correct language. Using elements of communication such as fear, trust and engagement, you can track, analyze and thus improve the use of your language in your communication campaigns. Check out her full explanation here.

Shoptalk – giving that little bit ‘more’

Shoptalk gave us the opportunity to connect with the greatest and most innovative solution providers out there. We gained knowledge, we polished up our digital strategies and go back home with great new views and ideas. The digital shopping world is changing and Shoptalk give us the great insights we need to keep up with those changes.

Besides networking and extensive learning throughout the sessions, the atmosphere was excellent and gave that little bit of extra. From playing chess to sipping smoothies and awesome music of the Copenhagen Drummers, the event created the perfect setting to socialize with like-minded. We are already super excited for next year!

Will you be joining for Shoptalk 2018 in Las Vegas? Let us know below or Tweet us, we’d love to meet up! 😉