Social Network Plugins for WordPress

Let’s look at some of the best social networking plugins for WordPress now, although this also depends on taste.


With the Shareaholic plugin a bar is automatically generated at the end of each post to make it easier for your users to share it directly on social networks. The bar also shows the shares of the entry in each social network.

You can customize this bar including the social networks you want and also the possibility of sending it by email.

Social Count Plus

The Social Count Plus plugin allows you to add a bar with social buttons integrating the data of your blog counters and social networks (the followers you have in each social network, the number of post of your blog, the number of comments, etc.).


SumoMe – Free Tools to Automate your Site Growth

This SumoMe plugin is really a super complete plugin pack that allows you to integrate a lot of things.

With this plugin you can add different types of bars with social buttons to share your content (desktop and mobile) and also allow your readers to directly share a complete fragment of your article.

Rotating Tweets

With the Rotating Tweets plugin you can connect your Twitter account with your WordPress to dynamically display your latest tweets. These Twitter messages will rotate as you post new ones.

Latest Tweets

The Latest Tweets plugin is another option to automatically integrate and display your latest tweets on your website.

Disqus Comment System

The Disqus plugin allows you to replace your WordPress commenting system with a more “social” one.

Your readers will be able to comment on your blog using their preferred social network profile and you will be able to approve and respond directly to comments from the email.

OnePress Social Locker

With this plugin you can block access to some of your content in exchange for your readers taking some social action.

Personally, I don’t like this option very much and that’s why I don’t use it. But it works, it works. A matter of taste.

Revive Old Post

This plugin allows you to “unearth” your old content to automatically re-circulate it and give it new possibilities to capture traffic.

With the Revive Old Post plugin, you can automatically share your new and old posts on social networks. You can determine the number of posts you want to share and the time you want to spend between posts.