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Editorial Guidelines:

If you want to write an original article for E-Commerce Nation, here are some guidelines to make the writing process a bit easier.


  • The subject should be original and bring added value to our site and community. It has to be related in some way to e-commerce, of course.
  • The content of the article needs to be unique. We do not publish articles that have been already published on other sites or media. You can site your research with a direct link in the content.
  • All images and graphics must be in high resolution. These images and graphics should be either yours, or they should be free of rights and usable for professional purposes.
  • Using keywords is required in order to improve the SEO of your article. We want people to be able to find your awesome work! Use long tail SEO keywords, preferably including the word e-commerce.  Make sure these keywords appear in exact order, several times in your work.
  • The title of the article should be explicit, ideally a question that is answered in the article. It should also contain the keyword that you’re optimizing for.
  • Please respect typographic rules in your article (and run it through a spellchecker for good measure).
  • You may add in maximum of 2 links in your article that add value to our community. In the interest of staying within the idea of added value to our articles, we won’t allow you to publish links to your blog or company. However, you are more than welcome to add these links to your author bio.
  • An article should be a minimum of  1000 words.
  • A news update should be a minimum of 800 words.

E-Commerce Nation Rights:

  • ECN reserves the right to modify or rephrase the content of your article to adapt it to the existing content of our site.
  • ECN reserves the right to delete an article and/or revoke author privileges at any time.

Create your Profile:

  • Use Gravatar when creating your profile to easily affiliate your article.
  • Please use your name (or company name if you prefer)
  • Write your bio in 150 words or less.
  • Don’t forget your e-mail address, Twitter account, or any other social networks you’d like attached to your author profile.
  • Mention your company and your position.

Different Types of Articles we publish:

  • News: Example here.
    • A new technology, process, information, event, etc. You should write this from the angle of commenting on this new development in the e-commerce industry, always with adding value to the community in mind.
  • Advice: Example here.
    • We are looking for timeless solutions and advice with the goal of helping the E-Commerce Nation community.
    • Different categories are available for these articles. Here are some examples: Conversion, Cross-Border, Design & Development, Promotion, eFulfillment, Events, Expert Tips, Infographic, Marketing, News, Platforms, Search Engines, Social Media, & Tools.

Writing FAQ:

What should I write about? 

We like open topics that answer a practical question that an e-commerce professional might have. We want you to write about what you love, where you’re an expert, or where your customers are having the most problems.

Feel free to research for your article, or write from what you experience every day. As long as it pertains to e-commerce, we’re good to go! You can get specific, but if you do, we want someone who is not an expert in your field to be able to understand your article.

How long should my article be?

We like our articles to be complete, and add a real value to our community. When we write in-house, we shoot between 800-1200 words. That being said, if you can communicate your idea in 700, or you need 1600, that’s fine as long as it’s quality content.

Can I add photos? 

We like photos that have a concrete application to the subject at hand. Our style is publishing with warm, high resolution photos to make your article as inviting as possible. If you have trouble finding a good photo- never fear! We’re great at finding awesome photos for your article.

I have this great visual/infographic, can I add it?

We love visuals. If you have infographics or visuals to include in your article, we can integrate them. There needs to be an article that goes with the infographic so that we have a complete explanation behind the visual. You’re free to use other people’s visuals too- as long as you cite them appropriately.

Can I add back links?

You may add a maximum of two links in your article to site your sources, and these links should add real value to your article. Alternatively, if you represent a company, you’re more than welcome to add a backlink to your site or blog within your author bio. Links in an article should be natural, and flow within the text.

Will I have an author profile?

Send us your bio of around 200 characters with any social media profiles you’d like to attach. We’ll integrate it so you can have due credit for your article. If you want a picture to show up on our site, you’ll need to attach your e-mail to Gravatar or submit to us a photo for your author profile. We prefer photos of the author, and not of a brand or logo.

If you have any other questions, or you want to bounce an idea off of us, send an e-mail to the E-Commerce Nation Team or Tweet us!

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