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About Us

E-Commerce Nation has been covering the e-commerce industry and digital marketing world daily with in-depth and actionable guides, tips, trends, and insights since 2016.

We have gathered a team of E-Commerce Explorers in order to build the 1st B2B Community in E-Commerce Industry. Our philosophy has always been to build long-term relationships with our partners and the ecosystem.

🎯 Our Mission: build a global community around e-commerce.

ECN in figures:
🟦 Top B2B Web Media in Europe: +3M Visitors / year
🟪 Online Training Center: 250 students / year
⬛️ 6 years old company, based in Caen – Normandy
⬜️ Team of 19 persons

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  • INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE: We offer you to advertise on our websites in order to get visibility and qualified leads.
  • VISIBILITY: We offer you to reach thousands of ecommerce professionals, always through practical and valuable content.
  • STRATEGIC ADVICE: We offer you a team of professionals specialized in finding the best way to communicate your message. Articles, infographics, videos, emails.

If you want to reach new clients, we encourage you to contact us and see what is the best way to work together.