Top of the best dropshipping suppliers in e-commerce

Top of the best dropshipping suppliers

When you want to start an E-commerce business, opting for dropshipping seems to be a real opportunity. It allows you to get started without it being too expensive. Nevertheless, a question arises: which dropshipping suppliers to choose for my online store?

This modality of online sales offers many advantages. Among them, we can mention the logistical advantages that dropshipping presents.

The choice of dropshipping suppliers will depend on the products you want to sell. This means the niche you want to target, and the customers you want to sell to. It can be to professionals (B2B), or to individuals (B2C).

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a tripartite system of direct delivery / shipping. Concretely, the consumer places an order on the website of the e-merchant, who will then transmit it to the dropshipping supplier.

Thus, the online seller has no stock, and the products are not in his possession.

The main advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t have any stock to manage. All the logistics part is outsourced to the supplier. Your website only serves as a showcase, which allows you to focus on the sale and not on the stock management.

The evolution towards which you can tend, once ready, is to open a complete online store, in which you manage your own logistics.

Finally, dropshipping represents the perfect solution to start in E-Commerce. Indeed, the financial investment is minimal. This allows you to prioritize your expenses on the creation of your site, depending on your choice of CMS (Content Management System).

How to choose your dropshipping suppliers?

In business, choosing your supplier is one of the actions that strongly impact your success and your turnover. Dropshipping and its suppliers are no exception to the rule. It is important to choose suppliers able to meet your needs. It is also important the relationship you have with them.

The choice according to the niche

The choice of your dropshipping supplier will also depend on the niche you have decided to attack. Indeed, not all suppliers are specialized in the same products. Some of them are organized around a niche, while others offer generalist marketplaces.

Sometimes, opting for a specialized supplier allows you to be reassured about the quality of the products sold. A generalist supplier will not have the same product expertise as a specialized vendor.

The choice according to the production’s location

Also, it is possible to make a choice of dropshipping providers depending on where it is located. Some are located in China, others in the United States. This increases the delivery time of your products if you sell in Europe.

Packages coming from far away also have a higher carbon footprint. So find out what shipping methods dropshipping providers have in place.

The choice according to the prices

The selling prices proposed by the suppliers must be analyzed. This means that you have to calculate and anticipate the margin you can achieve. Not all vendors apply the same prices.

Take a good look at the selling prices of the products offered by the dropshipping suppliers you are considering, and calculate the margin you will be able to make. Indeed, these sellers do not all offer the same prices, so put the products you have chosen face to face, and compare the costs according to the suppliers. 

When calculating the sales margin, take into account the delivery costs. They are directly related to the distance your dropshipping suppliers are located.

If you want to know more dropshipping suppliers and find out what possibilities are available to you, we also offer a glossary of the 26 dropshipping supplier solutions available on the market.

Who are the best dropshipping suppliers?

We have created a list of dropshipping suppliers, adapted to the needs of the vendors and present on various niches:

  • Bigbuy
  • Vless
  • Brands Distribution
  • Griffati
  • AliExpress
  • Nova Engel
  • Webdrop Market
  • Emuca Online
  • Bimago
  • VidaXL

When choosing your supplier, you need to take into account the ease of implementation of my dropshipping method. This includes how easy it is to integrate the selected products on your CMS, as well as the suppliers’ services.

BigBuy : for original gifts

Dropshipping suppliers: Bigbuy

BigBuy is a Spanish company specialized in wholesale activities. BigBuy is a B2B wholesale platform specialized in providing a multitude of products to customers selling online throughout Europe. With a product catalog of over 55,000 product references to market. BigBuy has a large catalog partly specialized in the sale of gadgets and original gifts.

  • For several years, this supplier has been recognized throughout the world as being very reliable and respectful of its commitments.
  • The delivery times are adapted to the demands of the customers because BigBuy is positioned in Europe and has a large delivery coverage.

The only drawback is that the price is sometimes higher than the competition.

Vless : A large choice of products for a quality service

Vless is a Spanish dropshipping platform that offers all kinds of products. This supplier adapts to its customers by offering a very large catalog of products of all kinds.

The platform ships to both Spain and the Balearic Islands.

Brands Distribution: for fashion dropshipping stores

Dropshipping suppliers: BrandsDistribution

Brands Distribution was established in 2006. The supplier allows retailers to chain stores, resellers, and large groups. It specializes in designer clothing and accessories.

This dropshipping actor is currently the leader on its market. It has developed a rich experience in its field. The supplier offers 120 fashion brands in more than 170 countries around the world.

The supplier offers a dropshipping service composed of different packages. Some of them are reserved for e-retailers specialized in fashion. This allows them to sell without friction on different CMS, especially thanks to the Brandsync modules and plugins.

Griffati: more fashion for your dropshipping

Griffati is an Italian dropshipping supplier, also specializing in fashion clothing and accessories, and shoes. This supplier is one of the European leaders in B2B marketplaces. The site has 150,000 registered retailers in 67 countries.

The marketplace also offers a dropshipping service, in addition to various packages, and modules or plugins depending on the CMS you use for your E-Commerce. These plugins can easily be installed to facilitate dropshipping. 

Griffati offers many advantages in its service, such as:

  • Fast delivery
  • Product descriptions
  • 24 languages

AliExpress: the generalist giant

Dropshipping suppliers: Aliexpress

When we mention dropshipping, chances are that it makes you think of the Chinese giant. Aliexpress is a pure player that was created in 2010, belonging to the Alibaba group.

The marketplace is now one of the 50 most visited sites in the world. It connects dropshipping suppliers directly with customers, without intermediaries.

Suppliers can be verified and are ranked according to customer feedback to ensure more reliability.

Nova Engel: dropshipping for cosmetics fans

Nova Engel is a historical wholesaler created in 1982. The supplier offers products focused on high perfumery, cosmetics as well as professional hairdressing. The company is one of the leaders in the beauty sector in Europe. 

This dropshipping service helps you from the very beginning of your online store. The service puts you in contact with external providers. The dropshipping suppliers are then directly integrated into the Nova Engel platform, which manages your logistics.

Webdrop Market: the French dropshipping

Dropshipping suppliers: Webdrop

Webdrop Market is a French website, specialized in dropshipping of a multitude of different products:

  • pet shop
  • auto-moto
  • household appliances
  • hygiene
  • computer
  • alcohol
  • etc. 

The site includes more than 200,000 references in total. These are offered to sellers and allow the sale of these products on different marketplaces.

Also, you are accompanied on the creation of an online store. Webdrop Market offers a SaaS platform to sell your products on your own website.

For owners of an online store, various modules and plugins are available. These allow you to quickly and directly integrate Webdrop Market into your CMS. Afterwards, you only have to import the product catalog.

Emuca Online: the reference for furniture and hardware

The Emuca Group is present in various countries in Europe. Emuca designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products. These products correspond to the furniture, carpentry, hardware and DIY sectors.

With 37 years of experience in the market, the group exports its products to more than 50 countries. The site opened its dedicated dropshipping portal in 2018: Emuca Online. It offers an extensive product catalog, gathering more than 1,200 references, intended for sale to B2B distributors.

The contents offered are available in 6 languages. They are automatically synchronized with your E-Commerce, to facilitate cross-border sales. wholesale dropshipping

Dropshipping suppliers: Zentrada is one of the leading dropshipping marketplaces. The platform specializes in wholesale trade in Europe.

The site has a wide range of products, with more than 400,000 items for dropshipping e-commerce. Different packages are offered for the latter. A price comparison tool helps to choose the right products.

Bimago: dropshipping for your decoration

Bimago is a platform of the Polish group Artgeist. The group specializes in the sale of paintings, wallpapers and wall stickers. Created 14 years ago, the platform is present on 21 European markets. Each year, more than 700,000 products are sold.

Automatic integrations are available on most E-Commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, …). With Bimago, it is possible to ship your products all over the world. The dropshipping service is provided in partnership with Empik (distribution of cultural products in Poland).

VidaXL: send your products internationally

Dropshipping suppliers: VidaXL

VidaXL is an international online retailer, offering a wide range of products composed of thousands of items from different categories.

VidaXL’s dropshipping service offers a registration to benefit from several advantages. We can mention the 16,000 items referenced, the shipments in Europe / USA / Australia, among others.

The contents can be translated in 24 languages, which you can then integrate on your E-Commerce site. As with most other dropshipping providers, plugins and modules are available for some CMS. the dropshipping of licensed brands

Gatito is one of the dropshipping suppliers specialized in licensed products. These include clothing and accessories, accompanied by certificates of authenticity. You can find familiar brands and licenses, such as Disney, among many others.

Gatito provides modules and plugins for many E-Commerce platforms. Customized files will help you integrate products into your online store. These products can be shipped to over 70 countries worldwide.

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