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How can you enhance your E-Commerce’s data protection ?

You must have heard about data protection these past few months. Especially since Facebook has gotten in troubled water regarding its users’ data. Cambridge Analytica scandal has shown internet users that their data was important and that it was worth their care and protection. Digital businesses deal with a lot of data like payments, user profiles and their private accounts, for example. You don’t want big corporations and private internet users to have access to all of these informations. Here is how to protect your E-Commerce’s data. PAYMENT DATA PROTECTION When your clients pay on your digital retail, they...

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[#WEBINAR] How to promote your online store using domain names

Thousands of online stores are being launched every day. Naturally, you want to differentiate from the competition and get the biggest possible share of the pie. You have been thinking about many marketing and communication solutions. You have been doing well with these different solutions, but you want more. What else can you do to promote your online store? Domain names can help you answer that question. Why do you have to promote your online store? Like brick & mortar stores, people need to hear and read about you and your online store to get interested in your products/services....

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What E-Commerce Communication Strategy should you adopt in 2018 ?

Communication has always represented a big part of businesses’ sales revenue. Companies are getting more and more inventive regarding their adopted strategies. Varying communication platforms allows digital businesses to touch multiple groups of prospects. Let’s suppose that you just opened an e-commerce or that you just set your communication budget. You don’t know the current trends and you want to adapt your e-commerce communication strategy to today’s audience. 1. How to include storytelling in your e-commerce communication strategy ? Before opening your e-commerce, you heard plenty of times that using storytelling as a communication mean was an effective way...

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[#WEBINAR] How to launch your business on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest and greatest marketplaces available on the internet. Amazon offers sellers the ability to expose and sell their products to millions of shoppers while enjoying Jeff Bezos’s company’s popularity and security reputation.  Before you can start selling your products and launch your business on Amazon, you will need to decide on a business model. There are three different ways to sell products on Amazon: : Private label: reselling products under your brand. Wholesale: reselling for brands under their brand. Retail/online arbitrage (RA/OA): buying directly from a store at a low price (discounts) and reselling...

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7 Step Guide into the Maghreb E-commerce Market

E-commerce has been living a substantial growth. Companies are implanting their digital activities around the world. Even though the African continent is not yet as active as Western or American continent, Maghreb E-commerce market is showing to develop rapidly, this can be subscribed to the ever-increasing use of the internet on the territory. The countries in question represent a new market for investors and entrepreneurs, making it attractive to invest. Maghreb countries, especially Morocco has the biggest potential of improvement and opportunities, followed by Algeria and Tunisia. These opportunities are caused by the increase of digital objects in these...

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