The best AI tools for your e-commerce store

Which AI tools should you choose?

Artificial intelligence is steadily gaining popularity among professionals and individuals. As its uses diversify, artificial intelligence and its various language models are showing their potential.

The trend is such that 35% of companies have already adopted AI in their processes (AuthorityHacker). 90% of companies now believe that AI assistance represents a competitive advantage, highlighting the importance of understanding its ins and outs, in addition to its uses. Finally, 77% of devices now use artificial intelligence in their functionalities.

To help optimize your company’s processes or your online store, blog, or simply to satisfy your curiosity, we offer this article and an infographic presenting a selection of AI-powered tools.

Build your website

Here are some artificial intelligences tools that can assist you in building a beautiful website:

  • B12 seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence with user-friendly design tools, streamlining the website creation process. Its suitability for businesses of any size emphasizes inclusivity, with features designed to cater to both novice and experienced users alike. This balance ensures accessibility and effectiveness, allowing businesses to establish a personalized online presence efficiently
  • Cheat Layer, empowered by the custom GPT-3 model, Project Atlas, offers natural language-driven automation for business tasks. Its features, including task automation, scraper cheat codes, flexible pricing, and cross-platform accessibility, cater specifically to the needs of marketing and sales teams. By focusing on these key areas, Cheat Layer provides a user-friendly solution tailored to enhance team productivity and streamline processes effectively
  • MarsAi: programming platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to expedite the process of application development. This innovative platform integrates advanced AI capabilities to streamline various stages of the development lifecycle, from initial coding to testing and deployment

Develop your marketing

Here are some artificial intelligences tools that can assist you in marketing your brand and products:

  • Adcreative.AI is an innovative solution that’s revolutionizing digital advertising through artificial intelligence. It simplifies the creative process by generating compelling ad assets, including visuals and copy, to enhance conversions. Targeting marketers, agencies, e-commerce brands, and businesses of all sizes, Adcreative.AI offers various features to streamline ad content creation, improve performance, and save time and resources
  • Lucidpic transforms the user experience with images using AI-driven 3D photo creation capabilities. Tailored for photographers, marketers, and social media enthusiasts, Lucidpic enhances visual content by adding depth and interactivity, providing a fresh perspective to traditional imagery
  • HeroGuide is a tool reshaping brand storytelling, offering features to craft captivating narratives for businesses. Designed for entrepreneurs, marketers, and branding experts, this AI-driven platform simplifies the creation of a coherent and impactful brand message that resonates effectively with audiences

Communicate through videos

Here are some artificial intelligences tools that can assist you in marketing through videos:

  • Munch offers a comprehensive platform for content repurposing, creation, and analysis across various platforms. It features generative AI to extract engaging video clips, an intuitive AI-powered video editor, automatic social post creation, and consistent clip extraction for coherence across content
  • Thumbly transforms YouTube thumbnail creation with advanced customization and intuitive features, enhancing video visibility and engagement. Key features include AI-powered thumbnail generation, customization options, a user-friendly interface, and an efficient design process
  • Synthesys Studio empowers content creators, businesses, and professionals to revolutionize content creation with tools for video, voiceover, and image generation. Simplifying the production of high-quality AI-generated content, it includes ultra-realistic videos with AI avatars and compelling voiceovers in over 140 languages. Its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility to users of all technical levels, enabling efficient creation of engaging and professional content to enhance digital presence across platforms

Manage your projects

Here are some artificial intelligences tools that can assist you in managing your projects:

  • Circleback.AI: Aiming to revolutionize meeting note and action item management, Circleback.AI offers AI-generated notes and action items to streamline post-meeting processes. Tailored for professionals seeking efficiency, it prioritizes actionable outcomes over manual note-taking
  • Loopin: Crafted for customer-facing teams, Loopin simplifies meetings with concise summaries, automated recaps, and a conversational assistant. Engineered for enhanced meeting efficiency, Loopin allows users to focus on discussions without the distraction of note-taking
  • Essentially an AI-driven tool for checklist management, improves workflow and operational efficiency. It automates task generation, facilitates live collaboration, and offers a variety of templates to simplify various business processes

Generate prompts

Here are some artificial intelligences tools that can assist you in generating prompts:

  • MidJourney Prompt Helper simplifies the creative process by visually tackling complex MidJourney prompts, making exploration of various styles accessible through an open-source tool
  • Public Prompts offers a curated collection of high-quality, open-source prompts for image generation, providing diverse inspiration and resources for creative projects
  • Ordinary People Prompts addresses the ChatGPT Paradox of Choice, streamlining the use of Conversational Artificial Intelligence for everyone. It facilitates knowledge gain, draws inspiration, fosters creativity, encourages participation in voting, and promotes discussions around AI prompts tailored for everyday individuals

Create written content

Here are some artificial intelligences tools that can assist you in writing content and developing your content marketing strategy: 

  • Quillbot is a writing and paraphrasing tool gaining traction in content creation and academia. It assists users in rephrasing sentences, paragraphs, and articles while preserving original meaning, prioritizing writing efficiency and generating plagiarism-free content. Embraced by writers, students, and professionals, Quillbot offers core functionalities beyond paraphrasing, including summarizing and grammar checking, making it versatile across various writing tasks
  • Copymatic, powered by AI, aims to revolutionize content creation with a range of writing solutions tailored to diverse needs. Whether crafting marketing copy or generating SEO-optimized articles, Copymatic simplifies content production for marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs
  • Cowriter is an innovative AI platform designed to revolutionize creative writing. It provides tools powered by artificial intelligence to aid writers in tasks ranging from content generation to editing, fostering creativity and maximizing efficiency. Catering to writers, bloggers, and content creators, Cowriter streamlines the writing process and enhances output quality

Generate designs

Here are some artificial intelligences tools that can assist you in generating quality designs:

  • Autodraw harnesses artificial intelligence to refine rough doodles into polished drawings, catering to individuals of all skill levels. Tailored for quick visualization, it enhances the drawing process with a smart guess system, suggesting refined illustrations based on user sketches. Whether you’re a professional seeking inspiration or someone wanting to visualize ideas without advanced skills, Autodraw offers a straightforward solution for effortless visual creation
  • Magnify is a tool designed for designers within a design system framework, offering AI-driven support for consistent designs. Key features include prompts for editing both design and system, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to user preferences
  • Typeface is an application crafted for enterprise content creation, providing personalized solutions to boost creativity and productivity within teams. Catering to businesses seeking brand-specific personalization, Typeface ensures all generated content aligns seamlessly with brand identity and marketing strategies, empowering organizations to enhance their digital presence effectively
The best AI tools for your own store


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