The Top 10 Online Payment Solutions for E-Commerce

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Today’s e-commerce business owners have to choose among dozens of online payment solutions for their e-commerce. The vast majority of online shoppers use either a virtual wallet-like solution or their credit cards to make their online payments.
How to choose the online payment solution that will better suit your e-commerce and please your customers? Here are the criteria we recommend you check before you make your decision.

Check the online payment solution reputation

The payment step is crucial for your online business, you need to choose well. It is time to compare. When choosing for the best provider, you will become the solution’s client, then put yourself in those shoes. Make comparisons of economic criteria for sure, but also you need to be certain that the service you choose has a good reputation among its users. What are other users saying about it? You can ask other e-commerce business owners you know about what solution they use and if they satisfy their needs.
Like for any service providers, online payment solutions get online reviews; use them. Also, beware that the solutions often delegate the transaction system to a third party, then you need to check on its reputation as well. The time you invest in this search is definitely not a waste of time as it will assure you have a great service and peace of mind. Then if your e-commerce business is small and you are pretty much on yourself to manage everything, usually the easiest is to just use the service your e-commerce platform recommends and supports as well.

Identify & compare fees

The way each online payment service will charge you can be tricky, so be sure to search for hidden costs. Do you have to pay to open a professional account? Or to stop using it? Also, don’t forget to verify if a particular service or a plugin adds to your final bill. Concerning the price of the service by itself, think about comparing the costs/transaction vs monthly minimums. The most frequently, there is a flat rate plus a rather small percentage charge.

Think big

Don’t forget either to analyze where your target market is located, because you will need to provide them a way to pay with their own currency, but some solutions will charge you an extra cost for receiving payments from outside your home currency. Besides, even if your immediate growth plans for e-commerce are rather regional than international, your might expand and change your objectives. The online payment service you choose must then be able to adapt to your future growth and development.

Make sure the financial information is secured and protected

One of the main concerns you should have while selecting your future online payment solution is security and customers’ data protection. By chance, some of the most competitively priced online payment solutions are also the most secure ones.
Good thing is, they also get good grades on shopping cart integrations and are usually easy to use. To choose wisely, especially if your own a small online business, don’t forget to check that combination of reliable cart and payment criteria both ensure PCI DSS compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Less than adequate security can be the difference

Ask for more than just payment processing

Processing payment is not the only thing you should ask a good provider, indeed, think about how convenient it would be to have access to a great tech support whenever you need it. Because no one wants to miss a sale due to tech problems.
Similarly, more and more online payment service providers allow you to rely on them for handling back-end taxation and compliance regulations. You will gain in efficiency if your partner can take care of complementary tasks from customers’ management and tax management to fraud protection and financial requirement.

Multiple online payment solutions

For some reason, some e-commerce businesses tend to reject leaders like PayPal. Don’t make the same mistake, as a study by Hill Marketing Group showed that 75% of online customers favour using PayPal instead of their own credit card. Criteria like data security matters a lot to them so shopping on larger and well known online store is ok, but they prefer using a platform they know and trust when shopping on small e-commerce websites. If you are not keen on using PayPal, well you don’t have to put it as principal processing method, but you can at least add PayPal Express Checkout to allow your customers to choose.
Following this advice, what online payment solution will you choose? One thing is sure, you can’t afford to miss sales just because you didn’t wisely assess the potential of each solution available. To help you in this task, we have prepared you a list of the most famous online payment services.

How to choose the best online payment solution

You now have your checklist ready to choose your next e-commerce partner. Like we said, dozens of them exist today. You will find below some of the most important players in the online payment solutions market, we hope this will give you a hint on which ones to investigate deeper.



Paypal is undeniably the worldwide leader of online payment solutions and has somehow set today’s standards. It is actually the go-to solution for online customers, freelancers, and business owners. Today, 8 million payments use Paypal every day. The top list online payment provider counts around 192 million accounts worldwide, is active in 202 markets and has 25 different currencies available, which make things easy for e-commerce.
PayPal Payments Pro offers a lot of payment options. You can set up a free account and have no termination fees either. If you want you can design your own checkout page (instead of being redirected to PayPal’s). This solution accepts payment from all major credit & debit cards, and bank transfers as well. Good thing is, your customers don’t even need a PayPal account.
Concerning fees, you can opt for a pro account with personalized checkout experience or you can choose to go for the “PayPal Payments Standard & Express Checkout” which is free of any starting costs, termination fee or monthly fees. This is a great deal as it accepts payments with Express Checkout and all major credit cards.
Even if PayPal is the leader among online payment solutions, technology development allows new competitors to enter the game, presenting great offers, faster transactions or better security.
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What is Stripe

Stripe most important contribution to your e-commerce is its powerful and flexible API, which allow you to personalize the platform according to your needs. It counts hundreds of integrated applications meaning you don’t need to be a pro in coding, you can still start using it pretty fast. This online payment take 7 days to process your payment and has no hidden fees (percentage of each transaction + determined fees). For example, If your e-commerce is in Europe, Stripe will charge you 1,4 % + 0,25 € for European Cards and 2,9 % + 0,25 € for others.
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Amazon Payments

Amazon Pay

Online shoppers can pay with their own Amazon Payment account making online shopping quick and easy. Using Amazon Payments is also a good way to reach insecure customers. Because they already know Amazon’s checkout interface, they won’t be disturbed as this is what will appear even if buying from your e-commerce. It also means your customers will be able to use their Amazon Card and benefit from its fast, convenient and secure checkout process.
Amazon Payments is currently available to sellers about a dozen countries. It charges 2.9% + $0.30 for each domestic order, and 3.9% + $0.30 for cross-border ones.There are no monthly fees, no set-up fees, no fraud protection fees, and no cancellation fees.
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What is Wepay
WePay is one of the most famous anti-PayPal online payment solutions. It has great live customer service and takes care of the fraud protection. Its features allow your online customer to stay on your website with a personalized checkout page. WePay account is free to open and charges no application or monthly fee. The price follows the industry norm with a flat rate of 2.9% + $0.30 per order.
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Due Payments

Due is famous for its innovation in time-tracking and invoicing tools. Freelancers and small e-commerce business owners appreciate it. This solution charges only 2.8% of your transaction rate. It accepts worldwide payment (processed in about 2 days) and like PayPal, it proposes a digital wallet. Due is free of monthly or per transaction fees and doesn’t hide cost. It also guarantees you the lowest rate of 2.8% for all card type and claims that they will align in case you find a better rate elsewhere. If your online business is big (more than $250,000 transaction value) you can definitely ask for a more tailored offer. is one of the first online payment services, created in 1996. It is also one of the Internet’s most widely-used payment solution today. In order to use Authorize.Net you will have to be based in Europe, the US, Canada, the UK, or Australia, even though you can accept payment worldwide. This solution received, the award of the Achievement in Customer Excellence (ACE), from 2008 to 2016.
If you want to use online payment solution you will have to pay $49 fee at sign up and then $25 per month. The regular charge rate is 2.9% + $0.30 (3.5% for international orders) per transaction but if you decide to choose the Merchant account, each transaction is charged with only $0.10. will provide you with free complimentary fraud detection tool, customer information manager, automated recurring Billing, etc.
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Dwolla is a bit like PayPal but has an API that allows you to focus more on bank transfers. This way you will be able to create and personalize the payment solution you want for your e-commerce, even verify instantly customer’s’ bank account and receive your money within a day. Dwolla has a very simple billing plan: $0 for any transaction under $10, and $0.25 for any transaction over $10. That’s all. But in order to be able to use this solution, both your e-commerce and your customers should have a Dwolla account. This online payment solution is considered safe as it doesn’t transcribe your financial information during a transaction.
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One of the oldest online payment solution that you can use in over 200 countries in a world with 150 different currencies. One of Payoneer benefit is it has an adjustable API that is able to follow your business growth. The platform does not charge you any fees for receiving payments. And similarly to PayPal, Payoneer propose your customers to get tangible plastic MasterCard if they are not ready to fully embrace digital payment. Opening a Payoneer account is free but other fees depend on what you want to do with the money (either withdraw it, transfer, etc) please check their website for more information.



With Payza you can get paid in just a few minutes from over 190 countries in the world. The solution has now, 100,000 e-commerce already using it. Signing up is free and the service cost 2.90 % + €0.30 EUR. Payza interface is simple and easy to use and this solution accepts Bitcoins. This online payment service offers also an innovative powerful security & fraud prevention system. Also, you have a dedicated sales team to help you in case of trouble.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple’s online payment solution propose faster and more secure transactions thanks to its touch ID validation where online customers use their fingerprints. Apple Pay is available on any recent Apple devices and users don’t need to create an account or identify. Apple doesn’t apply additional fees either to use their online payment tool. Competitor Samsung Pay is about to release new features that will allow online payment as well, so stay tuned.
Even though PayPal is the uncontested leader in the worldwide online payment solution market, there is plenty of other solution that deserves to get their chance. As long as you remember advice we gave you like verify their reputation, compare fees and services, know what they do with customer financial data, don’t use just one solution at the time, etc, you will make the right choice for your e-commerce, there is no doubt.
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