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E-Commerce Nation is The 1st Web media covering the topics around online selling and retail.

We are committed to supporting the e-merchant community and presenting them with the best solutions, adapted to their needs. Our goal is to share the local and specific expertise, cover a maximum of topics in order to provide all the answers that sellers need.

Why write on ECN?

E-Commerce Nation aims to unite the European digital community. In this sense, writing on our platform allows you to :

  • Gain visibility with a professional audience used to digital issues
  • Put your writing skills forward
  • Be part of a European project with international resonance
  • Provide your advice to the e-merchants who read us while accompanying them in their development

Be a part of the e-commerce explorers

We are looking for writers who write about E-commerce topics. Here are the topics we cover in particular:

  • logistics (First/last mile delivery, green logistics, warehouse management, …)
  • payment (Payment in installments, deferred payment, legislation, …)
  • digital marketing (Social media, content marketing, branding strategies, …)
  • online sales (CMS software, merchandising, website optimization, …
  • customer relationship (Pre and post-purchase communication, customer journey, customer service management, …)
  • product marketing (User experience on the product, packaging, pricing strategy, …)
  • laws around commerce (Legislation on sales, distribution rules, consumer rights, …)

Have you already published articles on this subject? Do not hesitate to send it to us in the form “Write for us” at the bottom of the page

What are the rules to follow?

  • If this is your first time writing for us, please send us your first and last name, and a description that you would like to appear on your author profile.
  • Send us the title of the article by e-mail beforehand. After validation, you can start it.
  • Send us the draft on Google Docs, to the email address [email protected]

Here are the guidelines for an E-Commerce Nation article:

  • 1,000 words minimum
  • <title> Title of 60 characters maximum
  • <h1> Different from the title, still with the same keyword
  • <meta description> 160 characters maximum, with the main keyword of the article at the beginning of the description
  • <internal links> place links to other E-Commerce Nation articles when possible
  • <external links> external links to prioritize are those sourcing the figures you can include in your article (example: Statista, eMarketing, …) / If you have a personal blog, you can include a link to it
  • <images> include images. These must be named to benefit SEO: “main-keyword”. Send us the images in webp. They must be light so as not to impact the loading performance of the website. Do not include stock photos, they do not add value to the article. Prioritize images that illustrate a very specific case, or graphs that justify what you are saying, for example.

Be careful, if we realize that you sent us a plagiarized article or already present on another website, we will no longer work with you. Check out our existing content / take a look around the website before sending us your article pitches, be careful not to cannibalize the content already on the media. 

Once you have sent us the draft, we will give you our feedback. Once the validation is done, we will send you a confirmation of the publication date of your article on our website.

Once the article is published, we do not allow modifications or link additions. So please make sure that the version of the article we receive is the final version. Take into account that we receive many requests. If we don’t answer directly, don’t worry!

What we publish

The objective of our content is to advise and communicate our passion for E-commerce. At the end of reading our articles and various contents, readers should have learned something and have advanced in their understanding of online sales.

What we don’t publish

Our articles are not commercial. They should be unbiased and the solutions cited (if you feel compelled to cite them to advance the understanding of an idea) should add real value to merchants.

We want to publish content that adds value to our readers. We are not here to host your promotion. Only send us a pitch if you have quality information to convey.

Just because we turned down one of your articles doesn’t mean you should give up. It can be for a variety of reasons related to your content, directly. If we want to stop working with you, we will tell you.

How to write for us?

Once you have completed the form, we will contact you as soon as possible. You will be able to send us some ideas of articles, and we will validate all that together.

(if applicable)