1 minute in the E-Commerce world: what happens? (2023 edition)

1 minute in E-commerce

E-commerce seems unstoppable. The technological development that we witness and the increasing access to online services in the world contribute to the development and popularization of major players in online selling.

The sale of goods and services on the Internet implies a certain amount of foundations, like traditional commerce. These foundations of E-commerce are referred to as the various services used to attract, convert and retain consumers. We are talking about marketing, logistics or means of payment, all part of the E-commerce machinery.

To provide you with the tools necessary for a good understanding of E-commerce, we offer you this article, accompanied by data, put together in an infographic. To understand the impact of this mode of consumption, we offer you these data per minute.

The state of E-commerce

To begin with, it has been estimated that E-commerce generated an estimated $10,877,092.85 every minute, in 2022. Consumers have recovered from the pandemic and have largely adopted online shopping as part of their daily routine.

In 2022, it is the giants that have taken advantage of this. In particular, the Amazon marketplace has been able to take advantage of the situation with $977,929.98 of sales per minute. Marketplaces are not the only ones that have been able to grow their business. 

Indeed, it was necessary to respond to a growing demand among merchants, wishing to move towards online sales. For that, CMS have put the effort in double. In particular, we can mention Shopify and Magento, which have gained in popularity in recent years. Stores hosted on Shopify generated a GMV of $374,809.74 over 2022, and stores on Magento (Adobe Commerce) generated a GMV of $294,901.07, every minute.


Every minute, around the world in 2021, nearly 302,511 packages were sent. This data is taken from the Pitney Bowes index of shipments in 13 major global markets, up to 31.5kg.

The major players in logistics have not been left behind in recent years. They are indeed adapting more and more to provide quality services to e-retailers. In 2023, every minute, the major players generated :

  • DHL: $190,258.75
  • UPS : $190,829.53
  • FedEx: $178,843.23


Digital payments are very important for the success of an e-commerce website. It is indeed necessary to know how to adapt to the habits and customs of a market. For this, studies must be conducted and payment solutions must be chosen accordingly. The European E-commerce market is no exception to the rule, constituting a cultural melting pot. This has not stopped its consumers from spending $3,881.28 per minute on the Internet in 2022.

Globally, payment giant Paypal processed 42,427.70 transactions each minute, representing $2,593,226.79.


Webmarketing is a broad topic. In order to gather the most relevant data, we focused on ads, content marketing, and social media usage.

In 2022, spending on ads amounted to more than a million per minute – $1,079,699.9 to be exact, according to Oberlo.

Content marketing is a very interesting strategy to implement inbound. It helps to generate passive acquisition on its website, and to convert the consumers attracted to the store.

A content strategy also allows you to optimize your organic referencing, especially on Google. Alphabet’s search engine is the most popular in the world, so much so that 5,902,778 searches are performed every 60 seconds. 

Every minute, the video platform acquired by Alphabet (YouTube) generates 62,214 visits. Users then spend an average of around 20 minutes on the platform.

Let’s move on to social networks. On Facebook, for example, professionals spend $216,133.94 per minute on targeted advertising. This figure takes into account all the networks owned by Meta. This data is very interesting, as it complements an ads strategy implemented on search engines. 

Newcomer TikTok generates $19,025.88 per minute in ad spend. The platform attracts 47,945 visitors per minute, offering short, attractive content.


To take all this data and show you our sources, we have compiled them on an infographic, which you can find here :

Infographic E-commerce 1 minute


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