5 Ways to Simplify E-commerce Shipping Solutions – Easy Guide


 Running an online store can be challenging if you have not sorted out e-commerce shipping solutions beforehand. As an e-commerce store owner, after optimizing your website for a friendly user experience, your primary concern should be that the parcel is delivered safely and efficiently to your customer. A lot of businesses online, make mistakes when they ship orders without having a proper ecommerce shipping strategy. A shipping plan needs to be developed to take care of the delivery of products without any hassle.

 It includes important steps such as packaging, carrier selection, shipping methods, delivery period, and cost management. A well-planned shipping strategy allows you to earn your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. If you are a small ecommerce website, you might want to keep your prime focus on it. Providing poor delivery or troublesome shipping to your customer can affect your conversions greatly. Needless to say, it will tarnish your bond with the customer too. Without much further ado, let’s check out how can you simplify shipping for your online store.

5 Best ecommerce Shipping Solutions

Free Shipping is Your Friend

Research indicated that more than 25% of online customers abandoned their carts online as they did not want to pay shipping fees. Regardless, of which logistics you choose, someone has to pay the shipping fee. This is where you need to play smart. Even though you have different types of eCommerce shipping rates such as Live rates, flat rates, and tablet rates, free shipping will not only allow you to make a profit but also keep your customer happy. Here is a smart way of doing this, let’s say your product is priced at $10 and you will charge $3 for shipping, all you need to do is, sell your product for $13. This will not only save you from losing a potential customer but also built trust with them.

Offer Shipping Insurance to Avoid Loss

Providing add-ons will make your customers very happy and feel secure about their spending money. Services such as insurance and branded tracking are the keys to enhancing shipping for your online stores. Allowing insurance on shipping, makes customers believe that their online shopping is protected from natural disasters. Furthermore, this will also help you recover loss if the package is lost or damaged due to any reason. It is an ideal shipping solution for small businesses or a new venture.

Integrate Order Tracking

Order tracking is a must in today’s time. When you provide customers with an opportunity to track their packages, they feel privileged. On top of that, this solution also ensures that your customer has a positive experience with your company. In case their package is halted mid-way, they can be informed and don’t have to spend time unnecessarily waiting for it. Needless to say, order tracking has become a must in 2023, regardless of how big or small your business is.

Don’t Skimp on the Final Look

This is one of the most important E-commerce shipping solutions, whatever you do, make sure to follow this one. While packing up the beloved orders of your customers ensure that you put in essential paddings too. Such paddings are suggested when a product is fragile or is likely to be damaged easily. Moreover, while buying the boxes, make sure to get the right sizes. Try to choose package boxes that are lightweight and eco-friendly. Keep in mind that weight affects shipping costs heavily and taking care of your planet makes you a good seller.

Choose a Reliable Logistics Company

Now that you understand the importance of eCommerce shipping boxes, it is time to focus on the prime factor- the logistics company. Regardless of how efficiently you follow the tips mentioned above, if you fail with this one, then you are likely to experience some dramatic issues in the shipping process. And you certainly don’t want that. There are some factors that you should consider while choosing a logistic partner.

Reputation– There are tons of good options out there, but you can’t pick one because an AD says so. You really need to research thoroughly before picking a courier service. Believe it or not, but a courier company that you decide to work with, says a lot about your brand to the consumer.

Customer service– Communication is the key to success. You need to factor in how responsive and attentive their customer service is. Keeping this in mind, choose a company that will answer you whenever you are in deep waters.

Security and Technology– Since they will carry your precious products, you need to ensure that their system is technologically updated and can provide a secure route till your package reaches its destination.

Safety Measures– Before signing up with any logistic company, it is highly suggested to be aware of their safety measures. Keep in mind, that your products will be resting in their warehouse while waiting to be delivered to their rightful owner.

Worldwide Availability– If you offer international delivery, then it is important to choose a logistic company that operates worldwide. This way, your deliveries won’t be restricted to a specific country and you can expand your customers easily.

Hassle-free Shipping Brings You One Step Closer to Success

We hope today’s blog was beneficial for you and it helped you understand how effortless shipping builds a strong relationship with your customers. A successful eCommerce store is one that pays close attention to essentials like shipping and smartly simplifies it. Apart from the tips mentioned above, here are some bonus ones:

·        Choose a smart E-commerce shipping software

·        Print shipping labels instead of handwriting them

·        Make sure to use eco-friendly packaging

·        Sent shipping notifications to customers via email

·        Provide add-ons like express delivery to win customers

With these factors and tips in mind, run your ecommerce store effortlessly and provide your customers with their orders on time. It will boost your online sales. There are other ways of boosting your online sales, for example, utilizing Google lens strategies.

Implementing these shipping solutions is not only mandatory but they also bring you one step closer to success and that is everyone’s goal, isn’t it?


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