Packaging : How to improve the post-purchase phase?

Packaging : How to improve the post-purchase phase?

Have you ever wondered how important the packaging of the products listed on your e-commerce website is? Is it necessary or not to take care of the post-purchase phase to maximise your customers’ experience?

It is important to know that the experience of the packaging is as important as the experience of the product. It is necessary to assume that even if the customer has already made the purchase on your website, they will not just enjoy the product. What matters is the entire experience and the whole package offered by your online shop. Here, this concerns packaging and delivery.

Selling your product without paying attention to the shipping arrangements beforehand would be a serious mistake that could damage your shop’s image and E-reputation. There are many issues to take into account in the packaging, on which the commitment of your customers depends:

  • The personalisation of the offer
  • Fast delivery
  • Eco-responsibility
  • Delivery quality

The experience does not end there, as it will be important to build customer loyalty so that they return to your e-commerce website, hence the importance given to the post-purchase phase.

Packaging: definition

The notion of packaging roughly refers to the packaging of a product. The purpose of this is to convey a specific commercial message. Much more than just packaging, it is the key point on which the visual identity of the brand is based.

Packaging fulfils many roles:

  • Protection of the product
  • Communication with the customer
  • Attraction after use
  • Triggering the purchase

Sloppy packaging of your product can lead to frustration and disappointment for the consumer.

Why invest in your packaging? 

Investing in the packaging of your products is essential for your customer experience. Indeed, the personalisation of your packaging allows the consumer to feel privileged, taken into account, which will communicate a good image of your brand.

The key to enhancing the value of your product lies in the choice of packaging. The packaging is the customer’s first point of contact with your product. It must therefore be faithful to your image, original and must meet the consumers’ expectations as much as possible.

However, you should not think that the packaging of your product is limited to the protection of the article. Your packaging must stand out from the crowd and make the consumer want to open it and discover the product.

Engage the customer

Your image must be communicated to the customer. You must therefore offer an original experience and make the customer want to order again on your website. The unboxing experience can be enhanced by using different packaging each month, for example. This creates a buzz around your products and your e-commerce website.

Theoretically, this can drive the consumer to order each month, subconsciously identifying an appointment with your online shop. The consumer will potentially buy each month to discover your new packaging, creating a sort of collection. In addition to this, the originality of your packaging can lead the consumer to share it on their social networks and become an indirect influencer for your company.

The choice of quality packaging is highly recommended. Touch is very important in the post-purchase phase, especially in an online experience that deprives consumers of the opportunity to discover the product in this way. In addition, quality packaging gives your customers confidence and reinforces the positive perception of your shop.

Finally, an essential element is the ethical aspect of packaging. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the eco-responsibility of the products they buy, as well as their packaging. They will therefore be sensitive to the investment you have made. Taking these environmental issues into account allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Improving the delivery experience 

The delivery phase is obviously not to be neglected. It is not just about getting the product from your warehouse to the customer’s address. Delivery is an integral part of the customer experience.

Delivery is part of the packaging of your product. When ordering on your website, the consumer expects to receive a compliant product as quickly and easily as possible. To order their product, consumers expect low delivery times and low costs.

69% of consumers leave a website because the delivery costs are too high, and 42% because the estimated delivery time is too long, according to Sendcloud. To avoid customer disappointment, choose your delivery providers carefully. A disappointed customer can lose trust in your brand.

The importance of the post-purchase phase

Just because the customer has received the package does not mean that you should stop communicating. It is important to collect the opinion of your customers, several questions can be asked:

  • What did you think of the packaging?
  • Were you satisfied with the delivery?

The post-purchase phase is an opportunity to understand consumer engagement and get feedback. This can be done in various ways:

  • Collecting customer reviews;
  • Including messages on the packaging;
  • Signing up for a newsletter;

The packaging fulfils the function of providing a service in addition to the product. The purchase path corresponds to the process by which the consumer will buy the product. The post-purchase phase consists of encouraging the customer to re-engage with the purchase process.

The importance of packaging

The emotional value of your product, carried by the consumer, depends in particular on the packaging you offer. In e-commerce, packaging is a crucial step in conveying your company’s image.

From personalised packaging to responsible packaging, the care taken with your packaging will impress the consumer, in addition to fast and efficient delivery. Maximise your chances of customer loyalty by staying in touch with them.

Image credit: Berin Holy


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