Conversion Optimization Tricks That Complement Your Cart Abandonment Efforts

In the ongoing conversation of the best conversion methods, eCommerce sites are constantly looking for the answer to the problem of abandoned carts. And with good reason – it’s estimated that the abandoned cart rate might be as high as 70%. This is why you need conversion optimization. Here’s the thing – you can’t pinpoint one, single reason why customers leave shopping mid-process. If it were that simple, everyone would have a 100% success rate once customers entered their site. The truth is that people leave your site before finalizing a purchase for a number of reasons. You can address...

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Why Cart Abandonment is Good for your E-Commerce Business

If you’ve done any research whatsoever on the subject of e-commerce cart abandonment, you know first hand how afraid of it everyone has become. “Cart abandonment rates are climbing!” “The bigger e-commerce becomes, the higher cart abandonment rates rise!” But why is everyone so afraid of this “big bad wolf” of e-commerce? While the above statements are all true, it’s also safe to say that some cart abandoners have gotten a bad rap. According to Shopify, people abandon their carts for a large number of reasons, the top 5 of which being: Unexpected Costs – 56% cited as a...

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