Manufacturers Are Selling B2B On Amazon: Are You Missing Out?

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting to the point where almost everything I buy online, is through Amazon. It’s getting even worse now that I’ve purchased an Alexa during Prime Day. Did you know that the same thing is true with companies buying industrial products? Amazon is aggressively pursuing B2B sales- and it’s working. Soon procurement departments might ask Alexa to ship them 10,000 units of threaded widgets instead of the sales rep at their local distributor. Amazon offers the following data to support their case: Amazon hit $1 Billion in sales within it’s first year of selling...

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How to Compete with Amazon over Voice Search

Voice-enabled virtual assistants (voice search) are quickly being adopted by consumers. These devices, especially Amazon’s Echo (and Alexa) make purchasing products very easy. No wonder Amazon invested heavily on this. So will voice devices kill off independent ecommerce businesses? Is there a way to compete with Amazon over virtual assistants? Don’t give up! There’s hope if you help customers early in the shopping process. Buying something off an Echo is very easy, “Alexa, buy cat food.” Amazon remembers the last cat food I purchased, confirms I still want it, and I get it in two days. Thank you Prime....

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