Author: Diane Wang

The Best Cross-Border Markets for Outstanding Success in 2017

Calling all cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurs! Last week we released the China Cross-Border E-commerce Export B2B Report which was developed by DHgate and Tsinghua University, downloaded for free. The report contains key information about the largest e-commerce markets, fastest growing markets, best markets for e-commerce by continent, top growing product categories, the most promising future product categories, and a special analysis of the ASEAN e-commerce market which is projected to be the world’s second largest e-commerce market. This data will give you a great idea of what countries are adopting e-commerce and what product categories are in demand around the...

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How to Plan your Cross-Border E-Commerce Localization Strategy

When attempting cross-border e-commerce, one of the biggest challenges of the global game is to communicate your product or services effectively. This can be tricky across cultural and language barriers however- which is where localization strategy comes in to play. It’s important to localize your strategy so that you reach your potential customers on their level in a way that speaks to their needs. Most importantly, you have to take cues from your competitors in your target market, and walk the fine line of exploiting the exoticism of your brand while acting like a local. In this article, I’ll...

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