Building Profitable AdWords Campaigns using on-page SEO

The Concept With a quality  on-page SEO, with the DSA, you can build profitable, low-maintenance AdWords campaigns. Three important concepts to bear in mind throughout this article Your site does not need to rank page #1 for this to work. This strategy requires only that Google’s organic index understands your site. (NB: “Organic Index” is the list of information about web pages that Google uses for the search results) Google understands its users. You know your prospects and clients. Google is best placed to optimise for its users. You are best placed to optimise for those users once they...

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The 6 Key Points of a Profitable Google Shopping Campaign

In this article, I will address the issue of successfully optimizing your Google Merchant feed. Product specifications are here. A note on the quality of the landing page: the quality of this page is vital. If you are present and relevant on Google Shopping and you are attracting users who are looking for what you sell, but if your page is not convincing, you are wasting your time. You are reading this because you want to optimize your campaigns, so you already know that Google Shopping offers: very strong presence in Google results pages very finely-tuned keyword targeting a relatively low...

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3 Long-Term SEO Strategies you can Implement Today

In this mini guide I will present one simple DIY strategy for each of : short, mid and long-term SEO strategies for your e-commerce site. Done together, these three build into a winning SEO strategy for your business that will get you the jump on your competition today and keep you ahead tomorrow. All are equally important, and all should be started today (if you only spend time on the short-term quick wins, you will win the battle, but lose the war). Things you will NOT need Previous SEO knowledge or experience Technical knowledge Paid-for tools What you WILL need...

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