Author: Jerry Abiog

How Your Social Media Behavior Can Affect Your Predictive Buyer Score

How long have you been on any type of social media platform?  I am 46 years old and begrudgingly joined LinkedIn and Facebook back in 2009.  I joined LinkedIn because I was laid off during the economic downturn and was told that this was a great way to network for potential job opportunities.  I also signed up for Facebook as I was told that it was a great way to keep up with long lost friends from high school and college. Fast forward to 2017, I joined Twitter and run our company’s account as a way to evangelize our...

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Predictive Buyer Scoring: Preparing for Christmas in July

It is that time – we are at the half way point of the year.  How are your 2017 sales’ goals coming along? Are you on target (if so congrats)?  If not, what are you doing to reevaluate your game plan and adjust your current strategy?  If you fall in the latter group, don’t worry, it’s only half time and you still have a chance to achieve your goals by adopting recommendations in this article. Consider these facts from the National Retail Federation: The holiday season can represent as much as 30 percent of annual sales Online holiday sales...

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Amazon buys WholeFoods: What does it mean for Grocery E-Commerce?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have already heard that Amazon is looking to buy Whole Foods and most everyone is wondering how this will affect them.  For customers, they are thinking about the ability to buy cost effective groceries online and for the grocers themselves, they are wondering if this will encroach on their profits, even possibly wipe them out? Consider this: Living in a high growth market like Atlanta, GA, online grocery shopping is currently right around 5%.  According to this graph, 17% of grocery shopping will move online and is projected to grow...

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How to Put Your Remarketing Strategies on Steroids with Predictive Buyer Scoring

Not using Machine Learning + Predictive Buyer Scoring in your remarketing efforts is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.   Most remarketing strategies in e-commerce today involve getting bombarded with pop-ups once you step foot on someone’s website.  This is even worse if you are a known visitor, getting pelted with emails about special offers on products that may not match your buying interests.  Have you ever watched a little kid’s soccer game? Notice how ALL the kids (sometimes even the goalie) all gravitate towards the ball?  Let’s pretend that the soccer ball in this case is the...

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The Predictive Buyer Score: How to use Machine Learning in E-Commerce

Before we start talking about taking actionable insights using Machine Learning, we need to first learn about the fuel that drives ML which is – BIG DATA. Google ‘big data definition’ and you’ll see this ‘extremely large data sets that may be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends and associations, especially relating to human behaviors and interactions.’ An e-commerce site can have anywhere from 1K-1M visitors in a given month.  The movement patterns of ALL these web visitors, both anonymous and known, are the Big Data that determines various behaviors using Machine Learning algorithms.  As in my first article with the...

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