8 Elements to a Successful Marketplace

When creating your own marketplace, it’s important to include certain keys to make sure that it’s successful. This article provides certain elements that are essential for the smooth operation of your online marketplace. Aiming toward these will ensure that you are streamlining your business in the right direction. 8 Elements to a successful marketplace 1. Easy Matching As marketplaces are places of control and convenience, your service should make the matchmaking process effortless– a platform that connects seamlessly and in the right direction. Technology and research are key for achieving this. 2. Liquidity Making the marketplace self­-sustaining is essential; there should be the...

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What you need to know to build your own E-Commerce Marketplace

The “marketplace platform” is the catchphrase of the economy of the present, and the foreseeable future. Knowing what it is, and moreover, actualizing one’s own marketplace is the endeavor of the modern entrepreneur. This article intends to help those who have gone astray, and those who haven’t even begun yet. Simply put, the marketplace platform is not a new thing – it has been around since the birth of the shopping mall – which is its first tangible example. Other marketplaces (like the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul) have flourished since the dawn of trade itself, though perhaps in a more...

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