Author: Lea Ribera

What are the Latest Delivery Innovations for E-Commerce?

What innovations will technology bring us next? What are the latest delivery innovations? With some of the latest gadgets resembling something from the “Star Wars” movie, the changes to technology and how they are used continue to amaze us! The most recent innovative technologies that we can look for soon promise to create a faster, more consumer-friendly experience while speeding up the productivity of e-commerce businesses. While some of these technologies are controversial and must be monitored to ensure legal and ethical use, there’s no doubt there will be even more fascinating tools ready for use soon by e-commerce...

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Do you Have What it Takes to Win at the 2017 Paris Retail Awards?

The Paris Retail Awards reward the best innovations in the field of e-commerce and retail. These prizes enable providers of services and solutions to extend their reach and reward the efforts of an entire team. Several of the winners of previous editions (Criteo, Reech) have notably benefited from various financial or professional springboards after obtaining an Award. For the fourth year, the Rookie of the Year prize highlights 3 finalist startups that will pitch their projects on the day of the event before the winner is selected by a public vote. This award is a stepping stone which aims...

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Which Online Market Should you Target in 2017?

Business has changed a lot in the last few decades. Back in the day, it was common to stay within your local market. You could only sell products to people who were near your physical location. Nowadays, you can sell to a global audience with ease. E-commerce and social media platforms have put the international marketplace within everyone’s reach. The question isn’t what to sell, it’s who to sell to. Which online market should you target in 2017? With so many markets available, it’s crucial to identify your best opportunities. A focused plan will get you much farther than a general...

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5 Tips to Help You Define Your E-commerce Target Market

When you have an online business, defining your target market is everything. Getting traffic to your website is just not enough. You need targeted traffic that is specifically chosen for your niche and industry. You need to know that the people coming to your website are interested in what you have to offer.  In the real world, you would be doing a sales presentation in front of these select people whom you have sifted out of the others you have searched for until you found the ones who have the most interest and are most likely to buy from you....

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Understanding Bounce Rates and How They Affect Your E-Commerce Website

For many website owners, bounce rates can be very intimidating. However, this should not be the case. Instead, you need to understand it and know how to use it to your advantage. What are Bounce Rates? Bounce rates simply mean the percentage of single-page interactions where a user leaves your website from the entry page without any interaction with the page. In simple terms, it is the number of visitors who visit only one page on your site before leaving. When Does a Bounce Occur? Your website receives a bounce if the visitors: • Press the browser’s ‘Back’ button....

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