10 Awesome Ideas to Boost your E-Commerce for the Holidays

Christmas is, of course, the biggest sales period of the year, both in bricks and mortar businesses and in the world of e-commerce. However, this also makes the holiday season a stressful one. Over 45s especially feel the pressure, with 88% noting that Christmas shopping is an extremely intense experience. Perhaps it’s for this reason that 58% of consumers have turned to doing their Christmas shopping online, from the comfort of their own homes. With everyone turning to the Internet for their shopping, it’s important to be prepared. The most important thing is to offer your customers an easy,...

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Singles Day: A Record Breaking Day in E-Commerce

The famous Singles Day, or Double Eleven, has just had its most successful year yet. With over $17 billion dollars being made and 657 million orders being placed in just one day, Alibaba has set a record in e-commerce. To make this year even more special and to create an even bigger hype around the event, Alibaba held their Global Festival in Shenzen, to countdown to the day, and to track the total sales made. A-List celebrities like the Beckhams and Scarlett Johansson were in attendance, with Katy Perry scheduled to perform, and unfortunately having to pull out last...

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