Author: Manmay Mehta

How to Optimize your E-Commerce Experience with User-Generated Content

What’s a bigger challenge – attracting customers or compelling them to keep coming back for more? Successful e-commerce thrives on loyal customers and repeat purchases not just single purchases. You achieve it by stimulating and building loyalty among existing customers.  But alas traditional marketing isn’t as effective online. As customers become more skeptical of ads(clickbaits) and celebrity endorsements, they seek authentic brand conversations. Conversation is the new buzzword as demand for personalized experience is going off the roof, real-time responses and proactively engaging customers is the new difference between winning and losing. Earned media or user-generated content UGC is...

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7 Must-Have E-commerce Design Elements for Conversions

The golden rule of e-commerce website design: Simplify the shopping experience. The customer just wants to shop and get things done quickly. What really makes a customer happy is simplicity in design and this requires you to think like a customer and not a designer who only cares for trends and aesthetics. Therefore, your e-commerce website design can’t be an afterthought in a highly competitive e-commerce arena. It is the starting point of your success! A great e-commerce design is built around the target audience and meets both; company’s goals and fulfills people’s desires. E-commerce design elements don’t just...

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