How to put your Customer First in E-Commerce Strategy

Running an E-commerce means you have to be proficient at many things in very different areas. While keeping up on each detail of your business might be a taxing test, it’s important to remember the very reason why you’re in business: your customer. In the next installment of our interview series, we’ve decided to interview Family Seat, a company out of the UK that sells training seats for potty training. We’ll take an in-depth look into how they put their customer first in all of their operations, and the best practices they’ve put into place in their E-commerce: First...

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The Golden Rules of Making An Impact With Your E-Commerce Content

I love writing. I love everything about it. I love words and how they come together. I love the different elements of creativity involved when I tailor writing to different target audiences. For me, writing anything from a product description to a blog post to a long feature has passion wrapped into every level. This comes across most strongly when I write about fashion, travel, design, beauty and health because these are the topics that I am most experienced in – and most interested in. At the end of the day, passion comes across. People buy emotions not things....

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