How to Stimulate E-Commerce Conversion with different Push Notifications Marketing Channels

“Push marketing is dead.” You might have heard this a million times. Here are the truth, web push, email, SMS and app push notifications are NOT! You know what is dead? Spam. The traditional push marketing channels like email, SMS, in-app notifications and the new age web push are as hot as they could ever be. Every once in while, analysts would point out how email is not working any more and how open rates have hit an all-time low but what they consciously skip is the factor of context. Push-based communication continues to be one of the most...

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How to use Progressive Web Apps and Mobile Push for E-Commerce

Let’s say you want to be in constant touch with a website that you love, so you try downloading the app. Then you realise you have to delete a few things on your mobile due to insufficient space. Finally you download the app and it functions great, until… your net connection is lost. Is it worth going through all of this when all you wanted was to browse with ease? 37% of users use e – commerce & retail apps for one month after they downloaded it, meaning 63% of users have churned and are no longer using the...

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