At E-commerce Nation we constantly try to find the best free online courses to share with all our readers, and the current Internet offer is so great that there is never a shortage of educational platforms where you can learn about almost anything.

The people at freeCodeCamp have compiled more than 640 programming courses that start in September.

The list is huge, and they are ranked according to their level of difficulty, whether they are beginner, intermediate, or advanced oriented. To make the list they took advantage of Class Central’s database, where you can find the best free online university courses according to the reviews of those who have already taken them.

More than 640 computer science and programming courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
This means that the list of courses also includes the average star rating (five is the best) that such courses have received and the number of reviews they have. Next to this are the name of the course and the university to which they belong.

You’ll find 154 computer science and programming courses for beginners, 366 intermediate level courses, and 123 for more advanced students. Interestingly, the latter are the ones with the least overall positive reviews and grades, I suppose students become more demanding the more they know.