9 Helpful Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty in your E-Commerce

9 Helpful Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty in your E Commerce 2

As much as it is important to attract new customers, it is also necessary to retain the existing ones. Did you know that it is several times less expensive to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one? (Harvard Business Review) A friendly and loyal relationship with your buyers will pay off immediately. Starting to boost customer loyalty in your E-Commerce is a wonderful idea to boost your sales!
First of all, happy and satisfied customers are very likely to leave positive reviews and comments about your online store which can motivate other visitors to make an order. This way you feed two birds with one seed: keep your former buyers and attract new ones.
So it’s time to invest more effort into improving your customers’ shopping experience to win their loyalty. And these are some of the best ways to achieve this:

Start a program to boost customer loyalty in your E-Commerce

1. Surprise your customers with freebies

Everyone likes getting something for free, especially when it is something valuable. You can show your customers that you care about them. Add small gifts or free samples into their orders, and they will return to your online store to purchase more.

2. Once in a while, put products on sale

Sales can bring some of the previous and existing buyers back to your online store. Do not forget about compulsive shoppers who won’t miss the chance of enjoying special offers. You can also give personal discounts for particular items. N.B.: Everything should be done within reason. Make sure your customers don’t get used to sales.

3. Start a loyalty program in your e-shop

What is a better reason for a buyer to stay if not loyalty rewards? You can make it possible for customers to accumulate points from every purchase. When buyers feel they have enough, they may spend these loyalty points on a particular order. Bigger orders mean more rewards for customers and more profit for the seller.

Improve the UX

1. Add the category “My Favourites” to your customers’ accounts

Make it possible for customers to save products to buy later. How often do buyers come across items they want to get but postpone this decision? The wishlist or the list of favourite items might be very useful not only for registered buyers but also for merchants. As a seller, you can give your customers a more personalized experience and offer VIP discounts for products they wish.

2. Build a strong connection with your buyers

You can thank your buyers for making their first order and offer a discount for their second purchase. You can send emails about new stock and new products to your previous customers as well as surprise them with VIP vouchers. To make them feel even more pleased, ask whether they’ve received their purchased goods, and whether they are satisfied with them. N.B.: Do not forget to ask your customers’ consent to use their personal information and receive promotional emails. Get familiar with all the rules of GDPR personal data processing.

3. Accept card payments

Modern payment solutions make it much easier for a buyer to shop online. By accepting card payments you can target international audiences as well as enable such features as tokenization, one-click payments, or recurring payments for subscriptions. Nowadays buyers do not need to enter card details every time they purchase. They can also pay from anywhere on their mobile devices. All you need to do yourself is to decide on a suitable payment service provider that will meet the needs of your e-commerce website.

Content marketing and customer relationship

1. Remember that trust builds loyalty

Make sure your online store can be trusted. The primary thing to do is to check your website’s security. A secure website starts with https rather than http and shows a lock icon in the adress bar. In addition, it should be safe for making It is vital to protect your card payments with 3D Secure authentication (marked with Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) and use some anti-fraud tools in order to prevent identity theft or any other illegal card use. Most importantly make sure you follow Payment Card Industry rules and comply with Data Security Standards.

2. Create your own informative blog

In a blog you would be able to write about your products, your passion and yourself. It is a perfect way to connect with customers on an emotional level as well as to provide some practical pieces of advice. As an example, if you sell clothing, you can prepare a guide on how to take care of, wash and iron different types of materials. In case you own an online grocery store, upload various unusual.

3. Think about your website’s vision and aesthetics

9 Helpful Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty in your E-Commerce

Here’s a bonus tip to introduce you to the psychology of colours. You might ask how it is related to keeping your customers. Indeed, every colour has a meaning and evokes particular associations. If you feel that you need to show the reliability of your website, you can choose the colour blue. If your products should make your buyers comfortable and motivated, you can add orange. The colour brown, for example, suits home furnishing e-stores perfectly.

Summing up: Boost customer loyalty in E-Commerce

It is beneficial for online businesses not to underestimate the value of a close-knit relationship with buyers. By devoting your attention and effort into satisfying their needs and making them feel valued, you grow a base of loyal customers for your online store. Loyal customers are the ones who can help you generate constant profit and minimize your investments into attracting new ones.
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