Meet Conforama’s New Search & Discovery Experience

Meet Conforama’s New Search & Discovery Experience

As 2022 came around, Conforama began redesigning its online experience to align with its offline counterpart. Looking to set their customers up for shopping success, they redefined their search experience to stimulate a conversation and lead to an improved entertainment and discovery experience.

They wanted to craft a privacy-first ecommerce Search & Discovery solution that was inviting and enticing to their shoppers. Migrating from Doofinder through a collaboration with proved to be a massive success.

Increasing confidence through findability

Furniture is one of those purchases that will likely be with you for many years. Customers don’t compromise when it comes to pieces they will live with, day in and day out. Conforama and got to work. First, products were displayed more clearly, categorised, and tagged to maximise findability within the catalogue. In doing this, Conforama’s customers could efficiently locate what they needed. After that, it was time to define which elements to incorporate to better implement features and functionalities for a Search & Discovery experience focused on the shopper and built to last.

Empathy's Search & Discovery architecture

Privacy-First & Customer-Centric

Customers control and own their data, ensuring a relationship built upon Trust by Design. Protecting their privacy and safeguarding their personal data during the customer journey is what sets Search & Discovery solutions apart.

Privacy-first search

Predictive Layer

Conforama was able to implement personalisation while protecting and respecting their shoppers’ privacy, thanks to Empathy. co’s Predictive Layer. This feature starts working before a search begins. Customers receive customised recommendations and results without losing control of their personal information thanks to wisdom of the crowd, trending products and type-ahead suggestions.

Narrowing down query results based on category, such as Living Room Furniture and Sofas, shoppers are swiftly shown what they are looking for.

Empathy's predictive layer

Suggestions beneath the Search Box invite online shoppers to engage in the search process even before they begin typing. Popular Searches and Recommendations are displayed to everyone, allowing returning shoppers to pick up where they left off. From anticipating needs to reminding customers what they searched for, the Predictive Layer serves as a crucial element in Conforama’s online shopping experience.

Conversational Results Page’s innovative Dynamic Filters show customers associated terms based on the term they searched. This lets shoppers further refine results without needing to type or dig through a long list of products. For example, if a shopper searches for bed, Dynamic Filters would include terms such as queen, king, twin, crib, protector and pad — products that would not appear if the search term were table.

Conversational results page

Shoppers can also easily narrow their search with a selection of filters and Related Tags, helping them discover products they may not have encountered otherwise. The benefits of these approaches to adapting the Search Engine Results Page are twofold: building trust with shoppers and encouraging discovery.

Empathy Context: Reading the Room for Results

Empathy Context analyses queries for search patterns to provide precise and relevant results with the help of AI. This feature increases Findability, boosting brand confidence and streamlining the overall experience for Conforama’s shoppers.

Behaviour patterns are completely anonymised and operate based on the intelligence gathered from previous queries, allowing the retrieval and presentation of accurate results.

Redefining Search in Real-Time with Headless Architecture does not require coding or IT experience to manage and modify the Search configuration. A no-code solution facilitates implementing changes at a moment’s notice without needing technical assistance, ensuring the shopping experience aligns with market trends, consumer demands, business preferences and branded suggestions. By facilitating and optimising catalogue and query control, the flexible architecture setup allowed Conforama to successfully:

Headless architecture

Conforama’s migration to went live in November 2021, resulting in an overwhelmingly positive night-and-day difference in Search Performance & Engagement. There was an evident increase in Queries and Clicks, along with an incredibly accurate Search experience and a critical drop in terms with No Results:

captivating search

Indispensable Discovery Designed For Home, Decor & More

“Migrating our commerce search to has given our shoppers a streamlined, engaging experience that encourages discovery without raising concerns about data privacy.”

Raúl Regalado, Conforama Ecommerce Manager

Learn more about how Empathy Platform transformed Conforama’s Search & Discovery. Since migrating from Doofinder, the home furnishings retailer has seen an over 82% increase in Sessions with Search, while their No Results instances have dropped 37%.

Image credit: Nikita Krushko


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