What are your predictions on 3 top challenges that will have the biggest impact on the Merchant Payment Ecosystem in 2019?  

  • Payment processors and merchant acquirers will need to develop a strategy for the integration of the payment device with software vendors.
  • Payment processors and acquirers will start to view POS and software solution providers as a channel that can bring them customers and augment their sales. 
  • The PayFac business model will start to appear in other markets besides just the United States.

What trends do you think will drive B2C online payments in 2019?

Online ordering with food delivery services will continue to gain popularity.

What will be the key drivers of B2C mobile payments in 2019?

More and more stores will adopt the Apple Store model of eliminating checkout counters, allowing sales associates to take payments anywhere in the store on their mobile devices.

What trends do you think will have the biggest impact on in-store payments in 2019?

Same as above


TouchBistro does not disclose new products or features in advance of when they are announced.


How Open APIs are changing Merchant Payments and Services in Europe? 

No single app is an island anymore. Interoperability between disparate systems is more and more expected, and published open APIs is the only way to achieve that, whether in Europe or anyplace else in the world.


Could you outline key trends that will define security and authentication in 2019?

Biometric authentication will be used by more systems to augment their security procedures.


What important are value-added services beyond payments in mPOS adoption and what are the opportunities for payment providers?

The ISO model is dying and being replaced by ISV. Value added software solutions integrated with payment are what will drive growth in the channel for the next year and beyond. 

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