Amazon has partnered up with JPMorgan Chase to released a new featured credit card. Existing Amazon Prime Rewards card members will be upgraded. Only available for eligible US Prime members for the moment, the new Prime Rewards Visa card will allow its holders to get money back on Amazon’s website as well as externally.

First: Gathering Data with the Prime Rewards Card

One high point of interest in e-commerce is how to gather data. With this new version of its card, Amazon will be able to collect even more data concerning its members purchasing habits, not only on its own website but anywhere else! The next step could be the possibility for the e-commerce leader to be able to establish some partnership with distributors, to send them clients in exchange of more important cashback. This is a win-win deal. It illustrates exactly the power you can give to your data, and how you can monetize it.

Amazon’s Prime Rewards card is available exclusively to members of Amazon Prime, hence leading even more people to sign up in order to benefit of its reward program, motivating them to use it first for anything. This clearly demonstrate the power of a good loyalty program.

Then: Increasing Sales via Cash-Back

The recently released Amazon/Chase card offers 5% back on all It also gives 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores and even 1% back on any other purchases. There is no limitation to rewards amount. Which is redeemable on a plethora of products at No foreign transaction fees are applicable, thus cross-border shopping is to be intensified.

Amazon Prime Rewards Card cash back

Amazon Prime Rewards Card Cash Back options

Added the fact that the card is free of fees, a zero fraud liability service and current benefits from Visa Signature. There is a strong bet that Amazon and its marketplace will benefit from this new Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card. Good news for the thousands of stores hosted on Amazon right now.

One crucial aspect drives the Amazon Prime: Prime members tend to spend almost twice as much as non-members. The objective is then to find a way of engaging and retaining customers that would have spend their money elsewhere. Besides making purchasing easier, card-members will be able to pay their purchases by redeeming rewards in priority over other payment methods, no doubt triggering impulse purchases!

This Amazon update and what will result (more purchasing in its marketplace, more data gathering, and more connection to their customers) proves that being customer-driven is rewarding in the end.