How Social Media Marketing has Changed and Why It Matters

Today, social media is where everyone turns to in order to connect to friends, family and other members of their community. A pervasive part of life, a great example of this is the fact that breaking news is no longer first reported on conventional media outlets like CNN or BBC but is usually immediately available on top of Twitter or Facebook news feeds. Social media has become so fast in delivering information and connecting the masses that the traditional media outlets have teams of watchers constantly on these platforms trying to get the news first as they struggle to...

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The First FinTech To Go Global – The PayPal Story

The word “FinTech” (financial technology) has been thrown around as of late by hundreds, if not thousands, of startups looking to capitalize on the e-commerce coverage that the growing industry has been receiving. A FinTech, according to definition, is a company that uses new technology in the financial world. Originally, it was a term used to define the back end technology of established financial institutions. Today, the term is used much more broadly and includes new financial technologies, such as Bitcoin, various e-wallet apps and capital marketplaces like Kickstarter. These companies attempt to disrupt the established financial sector and...

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