Online Branding: The Impact of the Social Consumer

Today consumers are more influential, empowered, and have more alternatives than ever before. With increased Internet accessibility, people are constantly connected with marketing messages and information available online. Consumers today are locating stores, researching products, comparing prices, giving reviews, and purchasing online. Today´s consumers are more influential, empowered, and have more alternatives than ever before. In this digital age, traditional techniques of marketing are becoming less effective and to engage with customers, the firms need to develop impactful digital marketing campaigns. The Power Shift Increased penetration of the Internet has shifted power from the marketer to the consumer. Now...

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The Top 10 Free Stock Photo Banks for Your E-Commerce Brand

Every brand should use photography as part of their content mix, and free stock photo banks are. The best digital marketers post new photos on a daily basis. This is a great idea for businesses that can afford it. What do you do if you aren’t prepared to hire photographers? Luckily, there are websites with large collections of high-quality photography that you can use for free. These photo banks are a huge resource for e-commerce brands. Your competition might not be aware of the existence of free stock photo banks. This is a big opportunity to get a competitive...

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The 2017 Global Online Consumer Report: Key Figures in E-Commerce Worldwide

The e-commerce industry moves quicker than any other industry in the world- and this could be argued for any industry that deals in new technology and the internet. As an online retailer, it can be hard to keep up with all of the new developments, as tactics become obsolete quicker and quicker. This speed leaves large retailers struggling to be reactive enough, which then leaves the smaller, more agile retailers space in this ever-saturated market. Every year KPMG studies consumer behavior worldwide and releases the results in an annual report. The 2017 Global Online Consumer Report revealed that consumers...

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7 Ways to Optimize Your Product Photos for Conversion

For e-commerce store owners, product photos may seem like a foreign concept. Nonetheless, it is a vital one for success. Your customers do not have the luxury of coming into a physical store to examine the products, and even the best descriptions in the world will not give shoppers a perfect visual. Good images will draw your visitors attention, and they need to do so in a way that presents the products as well as your store in the best light possible. It may seem daunting, but the following tricks will have you shooting product photos like a pro in...

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YouTube Jumps Aboard the Mobile Live Streaming Trend

Live streaming videos is a thing. Social media users’ keen interest for the new technology grows and social media are willing to adapt. Twitter and Facebook have both already adopted the freedom mentality coming along with the possibility to broadcast from anywhere. And even though YouTube’s core business is online video, it didn’t rush into mobile live streaming implementation. This is finally going to change and it’s about time. YouTube is still attractive, of course, since this is the video platform where video stars have the largest audience. But on the downside, occasional users don’t get much visibility. One of...

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