Author: Mikhail Kulakov

How to use Progressive Personalization in Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances

There are different sets of key factors affecting the purchasing decision in each retail segment. Customers can spend months choosing a new laptop or a phone, reading articles, watching Youtube reviews, browsing forums and so on. Unlike convenience products, that require minimum time and consideration, tech devices or gadgets are not purchases made in haste. The Online Customer Purchasing Decision Process There are reasons for this behavior pattern. Most appliances and consumer electronics are products with a long decision journey. Each journey is highly personalized but it follows the same format. It begins with a need or initiation, at...

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How to Fix Product Recommendations for Mid-Sized E-Commerce Stores

Personalization of product recommendations opens a hidden door for online retailers. The first step out of this door is a tangible increase in recommended sales. However, Big Data driven product recommendations leave retailers with more unsolved problems, which can be solved with Progressive Personalization new features. Most burning Big Data problems are: Problem #1: Mathematical Algorithms lose real Personalization A lot of retailers are not comfortable with the current logic of Big Data based recommendations. Products are recommended based on the mathematical algorithms at the heart of the recommendation engine. Yes, many customers, who bought this house plant also bought this...

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