5 unsuspected benefits of e-commerce ‘thank you’ pages

Thank you pages in e-commerce have great importance in the experience of users.
In addition to confirming the actions of customers (subscription, purchase of products, etc.), these pages can promote engagement, optimize UX or even improve the monitoring of results with the help of Google Analytics.
E-commerce stores such as Crate&Barrel, Steve Madden, Shopify and Harry’s or platforms such as Godaddy and Spotify have excellent thank you pages.
And these pages are not without any adornment. As the following lines will be revealed, they fulfill several important functions.

What are e-commerce ‘thank you’ pages?

E-commerce ‘thank you’ pages are sections created with immediate redirection for visitors who have purchased a product, fill out a form or performed any other conversion.
Among the most common actions that lead to the thank you page stand out:
Download an ebook or other documents after leaving an email
Register to buy products or services
Subscribe to a newsletter list
Fill in a form to try a free trial version
The type of conversion performed is of little importance to our explanation. What should be understood is that e-commerce ‘thank you’ pages that follow these conversions are no adornment.
A possible utility would be to confirm that conversion was successfully performed. But these pages do much more than that: they influence the customer’s perception of the company. Have you ever filled out a form or subscribed to a premium plan and received a simple ‘thank you’ for that action? The best e-commerce stores don’t do that.
And they don’t because it doesn’t impress their customers. Nowadays all online stores have this detail with their users. And therefore, companies that aspire to stand out must go one step further.
E-commerce ‘thank you’ pages should not have the simplicity of 404 error pages. Customers should be thrilled to receive this thank you!
Besides, this page doesn’t have to be a dead end. Good e-commerce ‘thank you’ page design should contain upsells, links to premium programs or any incentive that makes users feel special.

What are the benefits of ‘thank you’ pages?

Confirm customer actions

Was it necessary to mention this benefit of the ‘thank you’ pages? One of the main functions of these sections is to not suffice the users that the action was performed correctly.
Whether it’s filling out a form and subscribing to a newsletter, it’s important to send a confirmation to users. In this way, they will be made aware that they have entered their data correctly.
It would be a mistake to redirect users to the home page, wouldn’t it? In addition, a ‘thank you’ page allows you to establish an initial link between the customer and the brand.
Not in vain, we hope that this first action is the beginning of a long friendship, right?

Fostering engagement between customers and the brand

Another benefit of ‘thank you’ pages is to encourage user interactions.
Far from wanting to leave the site after conversion, we want them to stay as long as possible, don’t we?
That’s why ‘thank you’ pages are perfect for displaying links to FAQs, testimonials, success stories, or blog entries that may be of interest to you.

Improve registration and tracking of results

If you use tools such as Google Analytics, you should know that ‘thank you’ pages are a powerful ally to improve the tracking of results metrics. In addition to knowing how many people filled out a form or performed a certain action, it’s useful to know their behavior on the ‘thank you’ pages.
Did you leave the site within a few seconds? Did you click on other links? Did you continue browsing e-commerce? Did you visit any category in space? This information is gold for online stores!
Consequently, this is one of the best tips for e-commerce ‘thank you’ pages: use these sections for the benefit of registering results in Google Analytics.

Offer additional options

A ‘thank you’ page is also useful for communicating special offers and promotions or improving buying opportunities.
For example, if users filled out a form to get a white paper on computer CPU repair, they may be interested in purchasing this hardware.
Do not miss the opportunity to show them offers of these and other related products!

Improve UX and humanize the brand

The e-commerce stores cannot compete with the close and humane treatment of traditional shops. But they can use a number of strategies to make users feel in a less artificial environment.
Therefore, among the benefits of thank-you pages, we will also highlight their power to improve the user experience.
The use of these pages, in addition, allows breaking the ice between the users and the company. They are an opportunity to humanize the team behind e-commerce and establish strong ties for the future.

Provide value beyond the pages of thanks in e-commerce

As explained, e-commerce ‘thank you’ pages have a positive impact on customers.
But we must emphasize the following: all companies can thank their customers, but not all can add value beyond this courtesy page.
Amazon, for example, never leaves users who join Amazon Prime, its popular premium subscription service, indifferent. This e-commerce doesn’t just thank them: it also gives them access to the Plus Program, Prime Photos, their video and music streaming service, and even discounts at Whole Foods supermarkets.
Walmart, AliExpress and other marketplaces have followed Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce example. Do the same!
Don’t just say thank you to your customers: show them this feeling by giving them more value than your competitors.


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