7 Best Types of Videos for Increased ECommerce Conversions

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Ecommerce platforms have flourished massively over the past few years, making it easier for people to sell and shop virtually. Amidst the fierce competition in e-commerce markets, many brands use videos to spearhead their marketing strategy.

A video is an all-in-one channel that can cover and pinpoint all the vital points of a brand or product. Moreover, videos can go every which way, from social media, email newsletters, landing pages to eCommerce platforms. 

Product videos and animated explainer videos are only some of the video types that are highly in-demand nowadays. There are still more video types best for your eCommerce page, which we’ll cover soon in this article.

Before uncovering the best video types for increasing eCommerce conversions, let’s take a look at some significant statistics we’ve pieced together below:

  • 54% of buyers want to see more video content from brands and businesses.
  • In a case study, video marketing has helped a company to achieve a 60% returning customer rate.
  • Buyers who watch product videos are 1,81 times more likely to convert compared to non-viewers.

As you know how effective videos are for your marketing strategy. There’s no better time than now to create one. Here are the seven best video types to help you increase eCommerce conversion rates. Keep scrolling!

#1. Animated Explainer Videos

An animated explainer video is a video type that uses animations, images, typography, and graphs to deliver a message. It’s the best way to explain a brand, product, process, or any complex idea. For example, the blockchain industry uses cryptocurrency videos to simplify its complex concept to the public.

You can choose among many styles of animated videos, from 2D, 3D, motion graphics, to stop motion videos. Moreover, there’s no limitation on your creativity in deciding the video style, color, and storyline.

An example of animated explainer video from Breadnbeyond

You can create an animated explainer video alone. But, video production requires complex processes, from developing a story, creating a storyboard, illustrating, to producing the video. 

As an optional exit, you can consider working with an explainer video company to help you craft excellent videos for your eCommerce. They know the drill to create high-quality and high-converting videos.

#2. Product Videos

Creating product videos may be a perfect fit if you want to portray your products in a more real-life situation. Product videos allow you to highlight your product by showing the features or demonstrating how to use it.

Animated commercial videos are an example of product videos. In a short time frame, brands typically pinpoint the audience’s problem and highlight their product as a solution.

The more recent trends of product videos are unboxing and tutorial or how-to videos. Unboxing videos will only show your product’s features. But, tutorials or how-to videos give more in-depth information on using a product.

#3. Comparison Videos

Let’s say you’re in the same niche with millions of other brands, which also means your competitors. For you to win more customers, having comparison videos can help you get the upper hand.

Without showing your competitors’ brands, you can create a comparison video where you can highlight exclusive features of your product. Tell the audience the why and how your product’s exclusive features can help them.

For a more converting video, you may combine it with the characteristics of product videos. You can prove that your product performs better than other brands by showing how it works. 

#4. Company Culture Videos

People may be curious about how your company works. From how you develop products to how you pack and send orders, such questions may linger in your target customers’ thoughts.

So, it is a great idea to expose a glimpse of your company’s kitchen to the public. Such an approach has been applied by Amazon to show their warehouse. It shows how their employees work harmoniously with machines to deliver customers’ packages.

The video received massive recognition from the public upon being uploaded on the internet. It has generated more than 1,7 million views. Moreover, a company culture video is also effective for building relationships and engagement with prospective customers.

#5. Interactive Videos

An interactive video can be another option if you want to speed up the conversion process. An interactive video can boost engagement rates up to 47% compared to non-interactive ones. 

The primary characteristics of an interactive video are:

  • Having a clickable link or button in the video area where audiences can directly make a purchase.
  • Having branching videos where audiences can choose and watch other related videos easily
  • Providing a 360- degree virtual reality video that allows audiences to explore every which way
  • Doing a live video, such as QnA, where audiences can directly ask brand representatives and get answers instantly.

#6. Emotionally-driving Videos

Sometimes, you want to connect to your audiences in a more emotional manner. Then, there’s no better way than to engage them with emotionally-driving videos on your e-commerce.

For a video to be emotionally-driving, it must have a good storyline from the get-go to the end. You can create funny or touching plots to attract audiences’ attention. 

Portray your brand or product to be the main character of the story. You may consider creating an unexpected plot twist to impress audiences. Put a clear CTA at the end of your video to convert audiences.

#7. Testimonial and Review Videos

Another high-converting video type is testimonial and review videos. You can create a testimonial video by including real customers. Ask them to say some good words about your product and how it can help you overcome problems.

If you want to make a stronger testimonial video, give a spotlight to it by inviting an expert. Having an expert explaining and talking about your product will improve audience trust in your brand.

On the other hand, a review video is similar to a testimonial video at some point. However, review videos will work best if you collaborate with social media influencers. The key to a successful review video is choosing influencers within your niche with considerable followers.

The Wrap Up

Running an eCommerce shop has never been easy, but you always have many ways to expose your brand and improve sales. Creating a certain type of video on your eCommerce page is one of many ways to achieve higher conversion rates.

If you have enough budget, making an animated explainer, product, or review video can be a great option. On the other hand, you can create demo videos, unboxing videos, and interactive videos for a more limited budget.

The decision to choose a video type for your eCommerce page must depend on your brand style, product, and budget allocation. Mo


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Andre Oentoro
Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).