We had the chance to attend the awesome Ladies in E-commerce 2017 summit last week, on the 8th of June in Zürich, Switzerland. Here are the biggest takeaways from NetComm Suisse most inspirational event according to us.

90 attendees, 10 conferences and 9 participants to the speech competition gave us a great insight from today women digital entrepreneurship. The best value of Ladies in E-Commerce? Many inspirational and valuable presentations.

What were the biggest topics in Ladies in e-Commerce?

While e-commerce took the center stage, these women offered special insight from their own experience as female entrepreneurs in the digital world.

Be that Woman!

This is the title of the first talk given by Anna Luisa Jones, the founder of Cityscape Fashion, who presented her Rumour project, a clothing online store that encourages women to “celebrate their uniqueness.”

“There is a problem with clothes today: waste, work ethic & uniqueness. We still have to invent new business around clothes”

Ladies in E-Commerce

Ladies in E-Commerce

“98% of woman dress differently to feel more confident, why not dress to determine your feeling?” – Anna Luisa Jones (Cityscape Fashion)

According to Anna Luisa of Cityscape Fashion, what you wear can have a definite impact on your mood and attitude. Dressing for success is a real concept- as the clothes we wear can impact our level of confidence, which can impact our mood and behavior throughout the day.

Tanja Lau Ladies in e-commerce

Tanja Lau, Head of Product at Siroop AG then presented her inspiring lecture about how to properly scale an e-Commerce organization. According to her, every startup should read the book “leading at speed of growth” and “Keep small teams in order to create great products.”

“If you recruit people who are able to evolve, your growth will be stable and you won’t waste time in the hiring process.”

According to Tanja, investing in the right people from the beginning will make a start up’s evolution that much more smooth in the long run. She advises that entrepreneurs should go for employees that are natural entrepreneurs who are polyvalent and can work in many different domains at the same time. If you choose employees that have the capacity to evolve and who are interested in doing something a bit different every day, who can grow with your company in lieu of being boxed into the same role for the rest of their lives, you won’t have to worry about recruiting later.

“At every step of a start-up, you will have to reinvent your process.” – Tanja Lau (Siroop AG)

She also mentioned that as a start up, you will have to reinvent your process at each step of your development. This is a point that gives start ups a natural advantage over larger cumbersome companies, especially in the digital sphere. Larger companies have more to process when adapting to market changes and innovations, while start ups have the flexibility to review their processes and grow with the market, as opposed to adapting to it.

Another great keynote speech was given by Maria Reinisch, from the event’s official sponsor Rackspace, who offered some insight about “how to use the brain to create a future in the digital world.” We also attended a presentation on the advantage of the crowdlending (A Win-Win Experience for Borrowers & Investors) by Myriam Reinli, CEO of Lendico Schweiz.

It was followed by the presentation of the Loomish accelerator program for fashion and retail, by Florence Labati. Loomish wants to make Switzerland the driver of digital innovation in the fashion sector at a global scale thanks to its ecosystem of investors, start-ups, brands, retailers and more.

loomish countdown ladies in ecommerce

Nicole Laine from WebRepublic presented us another interesting speech called “Marrying Paid Search and Social to Deliver the Ultimate Knock-out Punch.” Awarded Digital Agency of the Year 2017 by IAB Switzerland Association, WebRepublic was founded with the main objective to help its clients reaching digital success in a world that moves so fast.

“Our goal is to give more consistency to our brand with similar communication on social and search.”
– Nicole Laine (WebRepublic)

Ladies in E-Commerce pitch competition

Finally, Ladies in E-Commerce had one more message to deliver through the Pitch Competition that took place at the end of the day. This competition is the opportunity for women with great ideas to get visibility. Participants were mostly founders and CEOs as this event could allow them to find the right investors for their innovative projects.

The winner of this year’s pitch is Caitlin Crawford, head of business development at Fashwell, whereas Bridgette Mallet, founder of Ullr won the price of youngest and promising start-upper. Congratulations to them!
ladies in ecommerce pitch competition

The driving point behind this event was valuing people first, whether in HR recruitment or in community management campaigns, putting humans ahead of sales means your e-commerce comes out on top. These brilliant women brought this point home in each of their keynote speeches. We at E-commerce Nation are very glad we could partner and also attend such inspirational and empowering event thanks to NetComm Suisse.

Know a particularly awesome woman in the e-commerce industry that deserves a shout-out? Tell us below or tweet us!