Customer Service Relationships Through A Call Center Software

Customer Service Relationships Through A Call Center Software

The customer service of every company is a key factor to win and build customer loyalty. It does not matter if you are a small, medium or large company, or if you are a physical or online business.
Whatever the type of company, managing customer calls is essential. In addition to projecting a professional and organized corporate image, the customer service experience should be as complete and effective as possible.
The control and management of these telephone calls can be made thanks to the Call Center Software. It is a software that can be configured according to the specific characteristics and needs of each client. Some of its customizable features for call management are, greeting messages, hours of operation, record calls, and caller statistical reports. 
A call center software is fully adapted to the demands of each individual company.  While working with WebRTC technology, a call center software allows you to open doors for multiple opportunities that will give your business more flexibility and adaptability.

Benefits of WebRTC for Business

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology is an open-source software powered by Google that allows you to make and receive calls through the internet. 
These types of calls are a great advantage for companies. On the one hand, VoIP WebRTC allows extensions to be used on multiple devices. You can manage calls from any place and device that is connected to the internet. On the other hand, the inconveniences of traditional telephony disappear (echoes, call costs, communication delays, static, etc.). This new technology features HD voice quality and greater communication stability.

Advantages of Having a Virtual Call Center Software in Business 

Call center software has revolutionized the concept of a call center, providing significant advantages to multiple companies. These include:

  • Not requiring installations or investment. The virtual call center software is hosted in the cloud, so buying new equipment such as phones is not necessary. Also, the telephone lines are virtual. You won’t need additional IP phones or lines, resulting in great savings.
  • From any device. Your virtual phone line is available from your computer, smartphone or tablet. With a username and password, through the browser or mobile application, any device can receive and issue calls. Your agents can work on any device.
  • Main phone number of the company. You can show the company’s landline number from any of the devices in the easiest way possible. It doesn’t matter where the agent is making the call. It projects a professional company image to your customers.
  • Encrypted and free communication. Calls, chats, or internal company messages conducted through a call center software is completely safe. There is no possibility for third parties to access this data. No one can intercept internal calls when they are encrypted!
  • Caller ID You will recognize where the call is coming from thanks to caller ID. Because of this, you can offer personalized services to customers depending on their location or who is calling. Example: If the call comes from the “commercial” option in the options menu, an automatic voice message will notify the agent of the option they selected.

Call Center Software for External and Internal Communication

A call center software establish customer service quality. When customers feel satisfied, they are more likely to make purchases in the future. This translates into an increase in sales and corporate profits.
However, a call center software not only influences the improvement of customer service, but also allows employees to be connected with free internal calls. In addition, agents know when other agents are available to speak as well. Despite being located in different places, they can still transfer calls or hold conversations with each other.
With a call center software, different branches in your company in different cities can still be connected. If the company has offices in different cities or countries there will be no problem to maintain communication between workers and with customers. With a call center software, the entire internal and external communication system will be centralized and available from any location. For example, calls from Barcelona offices can now be transferred to New York City offices easily.
The call center software, in short, is an essential tool for every business. In addition to bringing high-quality customer service, it also means greater flexibility and accessibility for businesses.