How to discuss the price in SMM projects?

price smm projects

The market is changing, communication methods, habits and preferences too. But the behavior during the negotiations remains the same. Most companies still refuse to give clear answers about cost in the first stages of negotiations. Why such secrets? We just want to say that sooner or later it will have to be done, and delaying the process only takes time from you and the consumer. In this article we will talk more about how to discuss the price in SMM projects, what mistakes are made by the agency and the client.

Sound the price range

Do not beat around the bush, give a clear answer about your pricing policy. It goes without saying that each project is individual and the cost is formed depending on the needs. However, there is a basic set of services that you may need to promote on social networks. Probably, the client needs one of this – content, posting, advertising activity, or all of this in combination. Name how many services start or how much you may need on average to achieve quality goals. “For example, name the cost – 15 posts, 2 stories and the creation of a media plan. This will help the client to understand what you can count on.” explains Tim from cover letter writing service.
So it will become clear whether you can be useful to each other at the initial stage. Do not be afraid to say the cost immediately after treatment. This is normal practice to bring clarity to the dialogue. If the client considers that your services are too expensive, he will refuse anyway. You just have to spend more time creating and processing the brief.

Show transparency in calculations

If you have successfully completed the previous stage, then you are here. The customer has approached a preliminary price range and is ready to share his needs. At this step, a difficulty may arise with the fact that the client does not want to voice how much he is willing to pay. He still does not understand that the cost of the same type of work can differ significantly. 
For example, you can use the available tools to create photo content or hire professional models and rent a studio. Advertising can be launched on the Instagram page or created for this business website. The difference in price of these approaches is noticeable to the naked eye.
The client may not give the amount for two reasons. Firstly, there is fear that the budget will be inflated. Secondly, he is afraid that he will receive less for the same money. That is, he believes that the SMM company will offer more than he expects to receive. And tell him the price, such an opportunity will be missed.
In such cases, the best thing you can do is try to explain that there are many different options and opportunities for working on a project. For example, the cost of a photo depends on location, attributes. Instead of a photo, you can use animation or video, etc. In the client’s language, try to convey the appropriateness of knowing the budget.
Another way to get out of the situation is to propose your own budget option and pre-announce what might come in here. Tell us how you can accelerate the success of advertising and achieve the desired results with your services. By the way, you can learn more about this here. Perhaps this will push the client to the correct answers. In any case, be as concise and precise as possible, answer questions in detail and intelligibly. This will help the client relax and begin to trust you.
Be careful, it’s not easy to distinguish a client who wants to verify the decency of an agency from a complex one. Now more often you can meet those who previously understand what amount they are willing to spend on promotion. Therefore, the lack of specificity on the part of the client may indicate that it is worth abandoning this undertaking. 
According to the study, American companies lose more than $ 62 billion annually due to poor service. Actually, statistics speaks for itself. Therefore, in order to create a positive image, it is necessary to establish all points of contact. These include high-quality personnel. You can competently negotiate, convince the client that it is worth cooperating with you. However, an incompetent manager can reduce to 0 all efforts. To find good specialists it is better to contact professional recruiters or use special HR software. Competent staff will help to look like a reliable company in the eyes of customers and avoid unpleasant situations in the form of loss of projects.


Be transparent in dealing with customers. This is the best way to build trust and get more projects. Do not waste your and other people’s time on empty conversations. Sound the preliminary cost from the first appeal. So consumers will understand whether their price suits them and either refuse services or agree. But your employees will not lose their motivation and professionalism in aimless viewing of briefs that do not lead to results.
Image credit: Anton Fristler